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Mads Andersen @45581

  • President & Founder at EnerGyne Resources
  • Owatonna,MN,United States | Oil & Gas
  • Member Since 2020
EnerGyne Resources is a Energy company with a main focus on building low risk investments in shallow to midsize oil wells in Texas and Louisiana. Our projects are aimed at companies, CEO´s, high networth individuals, people looking for tax breaks or write offs, as well as private individuals, who want there hard earned money to work for them and created a passive income.

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EnerGyne Resources

Our main areas of operation are in Texas & Louisiana - United States. EnerGyne Resources is an investment / consulting firm with a main focus on building low risk investments in the oil and gas sector. Our projects are aimed at small / medium-sized companies, as well as private individuals who want… more
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United States