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Saudi Aramco Net Profit Soars 82% in Q1 on High Oil Prices
The world's top oil exporter was forecast to post a net income of $38.5 billion,…
Crude OilMay 16th 2022
Spain and Portugal Target Price Cap for Natural Gas to Combat Skyrocketing Inflation
Both country’s plans need the approval of the EU’s executive arm, the European Commission, before…
Natural GasMay 16th 2022
Oil Prices Slide as Investors Take Profit; Supply Fear Still Looms
Last week, Moscow slapped sanctions on several European energy companies, causing worries about supplies.
Crude OilMay 16th 2022
Oil Settles Mixed Amid Beijing Lockdown Fears, Tight Supplies
Prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns in the world's top crude importer, China, have also impacted the market.
Crude OilMay 13th 2022
Natural Gas Production Jumped 8% in February, IEA Says
OECD oil stock levels on national territory stood at 491 million metric tonnes in February.
Natural GasMay 13th 2022
Europe Refiners Benefir from U.S. Emergency Oil Stock Releases
The United States has not prohibited exports of SPR oil and some analysts believe the…
Crude OilMay 13th 2022
Angola Aims to Fulfil OPEC+ Commitments Amid Dwindling Oil Output
Azevedo refused to be drawn on when Angola, one of Africa's top oil producers, will…
Crude OilMay 12th 2022
Environmental Injustice Linked to Urban Natural Gas Leaks
Between 2014 and 2018, the researchers conducted leak detection surveys across 13 US metropolitan areas.
Natural GasMay 12th 2022
Oil Up More Than 5%, as Russia-EU Energy Quarrel Intensifies
That move raised concerns that similar interruptions could follow even as prices are already soaring.
Crude OilMay 12th 2022
Qatar Cuts June Crude Oil Prices
The premiums in May versus the Dubai/Oman average were $8.40 per barrel for Qatar Marine…
Crude OilMay 11th 2022