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Nigeria’s Oil Minister, Saudi Aramco Discuss Investment Options
Nigeria imports the bulk of its petrol, despite being Africa’s biggest crude oil producer, due…
Crude OilApril 25th 2019
State Denies Vectren’s Natural Gas Plant Proposal
Olson says Vectren’s natural gas plant also would have produced more energy than the utility…
Natural GasApril 25th 2019
Trump Faces a ‘Cruel Summer’ for Crude Oil Prices After Ending Iran Waivers
Now that these two OPEC countries are under strict U.S. sanctions, the United States’ relationship…
Crude OilApril 25th 2019
NNPC, Customs, DPR Collaborate to Check Petroleum Products Smuggling
The NNPC GMD said the diversion and smuggling of the products by unscrupulous marketers had…
Crude OilApril 24th 2019
Apache Announces Temporary Deferral of Alpine High Natural Gas Production
Apache will further address the impact of deferrals in its second-quarter Alpine High production guidance…
Natural GasApril 24th 2019
Indonesia’s Pertamina Buys First Ever U.S. Crude Oil Cargo
The cargo is scheduled to arrive at Cilacap on June 7, the data showed.
Crude OilApril 24th 2019
NNPC Unlikely to Become Profitable with Huge Under Recovery Cost
Speaking recently on a Channels Televison programme – Hard Copy, the minister noted that with…
Crude OilApril 23rd 2019
Natural Gas Leak Causes Evacuations in South Seattle
By 11:55 a.m., the northbound lanes were back open, but the southbound lanes remained blocked.
Natural GasApril 23rd 2019
India will Stop Importing Crude Oil from Iran after US Ends Sanction Waiver
The shortfall will be made from alternate supply sources available in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE…
Crude OilApril 23rd 2019
OPEC: Dangote Refinery will Boost World Crude Refining, Output Stability
OPEC said the completion of the project would reduce the importation of petroleum products in…
Crude OilApril 22nd 2019
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