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Nigeria Shuts Key Southeast Oil Pipeline after Fire: NNPC
The spokesman said 16 people died in the inferno, although local media reported Monday that…
Crude OilOctober 16th 2018
Opponents Speak Out on Superior Natural Gas Plant
Courtney Cochran of the Sierra Club said the proposed plant was bad for the environment…
Natural GasOctober 16th 2018
S. Korea’s Import Price Rebounds on Expensive Crude Oil
The export price index added 0.3 percent over the month to 88.02 in September, after…
Crude OilOctober 16th 2018
Nigeria’s Fuel Subsidies Bill Set To Soar On Rising Oil Price
With oil prices now 10 per cent higher and climbing, that bill is set to…
Crude OilOctober 15th 2018
Nine Injured in Natural Gas Line Explosion at Chesaspeake Home
The two homeowners were taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with critical injuries.
Natural GasOctober 15th 2018
Oil Demand is Cooling. Just Don’t Expect Prices to Follow
Oil demand growth forecasts have been trimmed for this year and next and will probably…
Crude OilOctober 15th 2018
IMF Boss Urges Nigeria to Fix Ailing Refineries
Lagarde also said the Central Bank of Nigeria should sustain its tight monetary policy.
Crude OilOctober 12th 2018
Enbridge Restores Smaller Natural gas Pipeline in B.C., After Main Line Blast
Investigators are still searching for a cause of the blast just outside Prince George.
Natural GasOctober 12th 2018
OPEC Says Oil Market Well Supplied, Wary of 2019 Surplus
Trump has demanded that OPEC cool prices by pumping more oil.
Crude OilOctober 12th 2018
OPEC Focusing Over Further Oil Price Hike
In 2016, OPEC nations including Russia had decided to reduce per day oil supply to…
Crude OilOctober 11th 2018