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Indian Crude Basket Price
India     Price Date : 2023-09-25

93.93$US/1 Barrel  0.00  0.00%
Week HighWeek LowMonth HighMonth Low3 Mos High3 Mos Low6 Mos High6 Mos LowYear HighYear Low
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Indian Crude Basket Price Chart
Indian Crude Basket Historical Price Historical Prices Available since Nov, 2017
Price DatePriceUnit
26 Sep 202393.17$US/1 Barrel
25 Sep 202393.93$US/1 Barrel
22 Sep 202394.29$US/1 Barrel
20 Sep 202394.31$US/1 Barrel
19 Sep 202395.61$US/1 Barrel
15 Sep 202395.45$US/1 Barrel
14 Sep 202394.17$US/1 Barrel


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