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United States Crude Oil Prices

Alabama Heavy Asphaltic Sour36.05 0.47(1.32%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Alabama Light Sour40.95 0.75(1.87%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Alabama Light Sour Womack Hill Type40.95 0.75(1.87%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Alabama Light Sweet48.25 0.75(1.58%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Alabama/ Florida Panhandle47.12 0.5(1.07%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
S. AL/FL Panhandle Sweet60.50 -2(-3.2%)$US/Barrel23 Jul 2018
South Alabama Sweet62.00 1(1.64%)$US/Barrel29 Oct 2018
Arkansas Ex. Heavy42.25 0.25(0.6%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Arkansas Sour46.25 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Arkansas Sweet47.25 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Arkansas and North Louisiana Sour51.25 -0.5(-0.97%)$US/Barrel23 Sep 2019
Altamont Yellow Wax50.44 0.12(0.24%)$US/Barrel20 May 2019
Buena Vista Hills62.66 0.56(0.9%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
California Buena Vista71.05 -0.35(-0.49%)$US/Barrel18 Jan 2018
California Midway-Sunset66.50 -0.35(-0.52%)$US/Barrel18 Jan 2018
Midway Sunset58.11 0.56(0.97%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Colorado Eastern Sweet49.26 -0.14(-0.28%)$US/Barrel18 Dec 2017
Colorado Southeastern40.75 0.25(0.62%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Central Colorado46.65 0.57(1.24%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North East Colorado43.65 0.57(1.32%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Uinta Basin Black Wax49.44 0.12(0.24%)$US/Barrel20 May 2019
Western Colorado44.22 0.57(1.31%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Illinois Sweet46.75 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Indiana Sweet46.75 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Central Kansas Sweet43.85 0.25(0.57%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Eastern Kansas47.75 -0.25(-0.52%)$US/Barrel02 Jan 2018
Eastern Kansas Common40.50 0.25(0.62%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Eastern Kansas Common Special36.45 0.25(0.69%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Kansas49.50 0.75(1.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Kansas Common41.79 0.38(0.92%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Northwestern Kansas Sweet41.75 0.25(0.6%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Central Kansas52.25 -0.25(-0.48%)$US/Barrel02 Jan 2018
Southwest Kansas43.03 0.5(1.18%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Southwestern Kansas Sweet42.25 0.25(0.6%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Central Louisiana LCT50.00 0.25(0.5%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Central Louisiana Sweet49.75 0.25(0.51%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Delhi/N. Louisiana48.00 3.5(7.87%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
Louisiana Light Sweet53.96 0.75(1.41%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Louisiana47.25 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Louisiana Condensate47.25 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Louisiana Nacatoch50.75 0.25(0.5%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Louisiana Sweet48.81 0.38(0.78%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Arkansas and North Louisiana Sour46.25 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Louisiana49.50 3.5(7.61%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
South Louisiana Sour (Onshore)46.68 0.5(1.08%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Louisiana Eugene Island (Onshore)4575.00 4529.5(9954.95%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Louisiana Light Sweet (Onshore)48.75 1(2.09%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Michigan Sour43.00 3.5(8.86%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
Michigan Sweet47.75 3.5(7.91%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
East Mississippi43.77 0.5(1.16%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Mississippi Extra Heavy Asphaltic Sour31.05 0.47(1.54%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Mississippi Heavy Asphaltic Sour36.05 0.47(1.32%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Mississippi Light Sour43.75 1.53(3.62%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Mississippi Light Sweet48.75 0.38(0.79%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Mississippi49.34 0.5(1.02%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Central Montana46.72 0.57(1.24%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Nebraska Western Sweet46.03 0.57(1.25%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Nebraska Intermediate40.25 0.25(0.63%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Nebraska Western41.30 0.75(1.85%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
New Mexico
New Mexico Intermediate50.40 0.41(0.82%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
New Mexico Sour49.81 0.41(0.83%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Dakota
North Dakota Light Sweet41.93 0.57(1.38%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Cushing Domestic Sweet50.00 0.75(1.52%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
North West Oklahoma48.85 0.5(1.03%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North West Oklahoma Sweet50.00 0.75(1.52%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Condensate48.24 0.24(0.5%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Condensate Light47.24 0.24(0.51%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Intermediate50.25 3.5(7.49%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
Oklahoma Panhandle49.36 1.08(2.24%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Sour38.00 0.38(1.01%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Sweet50.31 0.41(0.82%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Sweet49.20 -3.8(-7.17%)$US/Barrel07 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Sweet (Except Panhandle & Northwest)50.25 0.5(1.01%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Sweet Special46.25 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Oklahoma Sweet-Central50.25 0.36(0.72%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Western Oklahoma45.75 0.25(0.55%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Western Oklahoma Swt50.25 3.5(7.49%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
East Texas Condensate45.50 0.25(0.55%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
East Texas Field48.86 0.37(0.76%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
East Texas Light Sour47.50 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
East Texas Sour46.50 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
East Texas Sweet47.50 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Flat East Texas (Other than E. TX. Field)47.50 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Giddings Crude44.75 3.5(8.48%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
Mirando Crude48.75 0.75(1.56%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Texas (Cooke & Grayson) Sour47.75 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Texas Intermediate50.55 0.57(1.14%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Texas Sour49.15 0.5(1.03%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Texas Sour59.28 0(0%)$US/Barrel31 Jan 2018
North Texas Sweet50.33 0.5(1%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Texas Heavy43.75 0.26(0.6%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Texas Heavy43.50 -1.86(-4.1%)$US/Barrel10 Oct 2019
South Texas Light48.75 3.01(6.58%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Texas Light Sweet44.00 0.25(0.57%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Texas Sour40.88 2.57(6.71%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
South Texas Sweet50.25 0.25(0.5%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas Central Gulf Coast Giddings44.00 0.25(0.57%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas Gulf Coast Light46.43 0.54(1.18%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas Gulf Coast Low Cold Test48.48 0.5(1.04%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas Panhandle49.83 0.5(1.01%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas Upper Gulf Coast44.00 0.25(0.57%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas/New Mexico - East Texas Area50.23 0.5(1.01%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Texas/New Mexico - Giddings43.98 0.5(1.15%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Upper Texas Gulf Coast38.18 0.57(1.52%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Central Texas50.25 -0.14(-0.28%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Central Texas Intermediate50.55 0.57(1.14%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Texas Intermediate50.42 0.56(1.12%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Texas Intermediate - All Other Areas50.25 0.25(0.5%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Texas Intermediate - Area #149.75 0.25(0.51%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Texas Sour48.17 0.64(1.35%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Texas/New Mexico Intermediate50.50 0.5(1%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
West Texas/New Mexico Sour50.34 -0.2(-0.4%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
United States
Coastal Grade A44.00 3.5(8.64%)$US/Barrel09 Aug 2019
Eagle Ford51.83 0.57(1.11%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Eagle Ford Condensate49.38 0.57(1.17%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Eagle Ford Light50.25 0.25(0.5%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Eagle Ford Pipeline50.38 0.57(1.14%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Four Corners49.67 0.5(1.02%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Four Corners Sweet49.18 0.5(1.03%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Williston Basin50.61 -0.14(-0.28%)$US/Barrel18 Dec 2017
Williston Basin Mixed Sweet42.43 0.57(1.36%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Utah Black Wax40.86 0.55(1.36%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Utah Brown Wax40.86 0.55(1.36%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Utah Sweet44.63 0.57(1.29%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Utah Yellow Wax40.86 0.55(1.36%)$US/Barrel16 Oct 2019
Eastern Wyoming Sweet43.85 0.57(1.32%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
North Wyoming/South Montana Sweet42.08 0.57(1.37%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Rocky Mountain Condensate55.24 0.12(0.22%)$US/Barrel20 May 2019
Southwest Wyoming Sweet47.37 0.79(1.7%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Wyoming Asphalt Sour38.04 0.57(1.52%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Wyoming Sweet43.62 0.57(1.32%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Wyoming General Sour40.04 0.57(1.44%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Wyoming Heavy Sour39.57 0(0%)$US/Barrel18 Dec 2017
Wyoming Medium Sour40.57 0(0%)$US/Barrel18 Dec 2017
Wyoming Southwestern Area46.83 0.25(0.54%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Wyoming Sweet other Areas47.35 0.25(0.53%)$US/Barrel17 Oct 2019
Alabama Alabama Heavy Asphaltic Sour
36.05 +0.47
Alabama Alabama Light Sour
40.95 +0.75