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Wayne Bates @46339

  • Vice President at McDaniel Technical Services, Inc.
  • Broken Arrow,Oklahoma,United States | Oil & Gas
  • Member Since 2021
Wayne Bates is our MTSi Director of Business Development. Wayne is a US Navy veteran, and has an extensive background in Business Development, Technical/Industrial Sales, Project Management, and Sales Management. He has worked with customers such as Baker Hughes and Halliburton since 1990, including experience in pipeline inspection using pipeline pigs. In his position at McDaniel Technical Services, he is committed to providing our customers with the best possible sales support while working to uncover new opportunities.

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McDaniel Technical Services, Inc

MTSi provides a full range of national inspection services, capitalizing on deep industry knowledge and the expertise of our professional personnel.  We are proud of our reputation, recognized by our clients and other field inspection companies, for excellence in pipeline inspection, vendor inspection,… more

Broken Arrow,Oklahoma,
United States