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20th March, 2019 - 20th March, 2019

Renewable Energy Policy Forum

Start Date20th March, 2019 (Wednesday) 12.00 AM
End Date20th March, 2019 (Wednesday) 12.00 AM
VenuConrad Hotel
LocationUnited States Washington, D.C.,United States

ACORE’s Renewable Energy Policy Forum is the only pan-technology renewable energy summit to address federal and state policy. Featuring engaging discussions between industry leaders and key elected officials, the forum offers a pragmatic perspective on challenges and opportunities in the new Washington landscape.

Who Attends
ACORE’s Policy Forum convenes 250 industry executives from more than 160 companies in the renewable energy sector. Featuring financiers, developers, energy experts, policymakers, and other senior officials, ACORE’s Policy Forum is the can’t miss event for the latest on policy, investment, and market trends.


  • Competing head to head with other generation, renewable energy is standing on its own economically as federal incentives wind down. According to ACORE analysis, renewables can fuel $1 trillion in private investment between 2018 and 2030 and help stay within striking distance of the Paris Accord. However, our aging grid infrastructure and mixed policy signals may get in the way of this expansion. This panel will evaluate federal policy pathways to continue the recent booming pace of renewable investment.

  • With a new Congress, calls for a “green new deal,” and growing subnational efforts to limit GHG emissions, climate policy has returned to the nation’s political discourse with renewed fervor. This panel will confront the realities of today’s political environment while addressing the need for immediate action on climate change.

  • State renewable energy directives remain an essential way to accelerate demand in an uncertain federal environment. Incoming governors and state legislators are creating new opportunities for market expansion, while current champions explore increasingly ambitious commitments. Speakers will reflect on these opportunities and also consider states that may present the important challenges for future growth.

  • While the grid was originally designed for one-directional delivery of power from fossil generators, and in some part of the country, hydro-electric facilities, renewables are changing the way power generators and consumers interact with the system. Reflecting on ongoing market design changes and resilience efforts, this panel will address how FERC and our nation’s power markets can better facilitate renewable energy’s role in grid operations.


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