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ClearPower North America
18 South Wilcox Street , Suite 100, Castle Rock, United States

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Since Jan, 2020
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ClearPower is working with industry, utilities and municipalities to help protect our environment, keep American industry competitive and create jobs.  Our new breed of hydropower is a compact, efficient, easily implemented solution that allows us to tap into the underutilized potential of water flowing through gravity fed pipelines to generate clean, renewable energy.  Environmental releases, industrial inflows and outfalls and municipal pressure relief are just a few examples of how we are accomplishing these goals.

For many industries and municipalities electricity is the single largest input cost. ClearPower can help industry dramatically cut energy costs and remain competitive in a global economy. Municipalities can provide clean water to their customers at a fraction of the cost.

Protecting The Environment

The ClearPower solution generates no carbon emissions while running and the waste heat is absorbed by the water flowing through the machine.  Electric Utilities can reduce current emissions or add clean generating capacity with our economical, simple solution.

Industrial Energy Recovery

For many companies electricity is one of their largest input costs. ClearPower gives its industrial customers a way to greatly contain energy expenses by generating renewable electricity from the water already flowing through their water intake and outfall pipelines. This renewable energy creates a competitive advantage for customers by helping to provide power for a fraction of their current costs with little to no expense.  Industrial facilities utilize billions of gallons of water every day for processing and cooling functions. The same energy that pushes the water through industrial pipelines (gravity) can now easily be converted into low cost, renewable electricity. Readily available federal, state and local tax incentives can reduce your costs even further.

Keeping America Strong

By reducing power costs companies can compete more effectively in the global economy, giving workers more job opportunities here in America.  Although industries are not really “consumers” of water, they all need the power harnessed in the gravity fed flow of water to make their operations work. Our products were designed with this in mind. We convert the part of the water flow your company is not using, the excess pressure, and produce renewable power. Our units can be installed either at the inlet of your water source, or the outfall as you return it to its source, or both!

Our Value To Your Company

We can provide you with low cost renewable energy generated from your company’s current assets. Our specialized team of engineers and installers will implement the the entire operation seamlessly and transparently at your company’s location.  Our unique proven products convert the excess pressure from the moving water flow in standard pipes into pure green, inexpensive electricity.

Renewable Energy

Electric utilities are coming under increasing scrutiny regarding greenhouse gas emissions.  Solutions like our ClearPower turbine generator can help these utilities generate clean, inexpensive power helping to offset these emissions.Our solution is compact, efficient and easily adapted to compliment your existing energy production facility.

Powering a Mining Operation

Powering a mine is costly and difficult. Depending on aging grids to supply your power is unreliable, using diesel generators is inefficient, and most renewable power options are way to cumbersome and expensive. ClearPower and mining are a perfect fit. Your mine uses and returns millions of gallons of water back to its source every day. The water you are returning down hundreds of feet could easily be converted into an inexpensive sustainable source of power.  The ClearPower Industrial Turbine Generator “M series” is the answer. Using this simple bolt on technology can generate up to 3 megawatts of power per hundred feet of head or more depending on flow volume.

Simple Undiscovered Power

When electricity is applied to a magnetic fan motor it makes the fan spin, but did you know the reverse also true? If you spin the fan blade backwards it produces electricity.  Water pressure is energy, and by using the pressure and flow created by gravity found in places like common water pipes to spin the fan, it transforms the simple water pipe into a generator. The flowing water becomes the motor to spin the fan, and the magnets in the motor once used to motorize the fan, are now the generator of electricity.  The terms “generator” and “motor” are essentially the same thing. What you name it depends only on whether electricity is flowing into the unit or derived from it. Once generated, the produced electric power is sent to the grid. It is really that simple, and delivers flawless, renewable green energy.

Using Rim Driven Technology

The idea of using a Rim Driven propeller has revolutionized the marine world. With the absence of a central shaft and no couplings, a simplified, compact, efficient propulsion emerged. The use of permanent magnets makes the motor and propeller act as one, eliminating the need for transmission gearing as well as separate motors and shafts. It is a simple design allowing for improved efficiency while limiting noise and vibration, virtually eliminating hundreds of moving parts and replacing them with one single rotating driver. It is an electric fan, for water propulsion.

Combining the  Technology

ClearPower uses a patented, all-in-one Rim Design Kaplan turbine generator to capture the energy of moving water from gravity-fed pipelines, converting water flow into a continuous source of low cost electricity  Our Turbine Generator will innovate harvesting energy from moving water unlike ever before. The simple design, and easy bolt on installation will revolutionize the small hydropower market, and stop the waste of energy formed from century old technologies such as braking pressure with relief valves, building costly structures and even the need for a dam to increase head pressure can be eliminated.  All that is needed is a pipe, water flow and pressure to standardize generation of hydroelectric power. Typical outputs from low pressure/High Flow range from 100 kW to 3000 kW.

Advantages Of The Turbine Generator

Water infrastructure in the United States is crumbling.  Excess pressure in public water lines in combination with aging pipes and pressure relief valves has created an epidemic of systemic failures.  ClearPower can help you convert these potential points of failure into profit centers by generating renewable energy and using it for internal consumption or selling it back to the grid.  ClearPower gives municipal customers a way to greatly contain energy expenses by generating renewable electricity from the water already flowing through their water intake and outfall pipelines.  Adding the ClearPower Industrial Turbine Generator to your facilities’ outfall pipe transforms the wastewater discharge from a liability, into an asset.

The ClearPower solution is compact, efficient and easy to install and maintain. The same energy that moves the water along (gravity), is easily converted into pure green renewable energy and turns the unnoticed, into an asset. The centuries old method of using “pressure relief valves” (PRV’s) and wasting that energy is outdated, and inefficient.

How Much is Your Flow Worth?

National Public Works reports that wastewater treatment plants serve 189.7 million people and treat 32.1 billion gallons of water every day. Electricity is the single largest expense for wastewater facilities, it often represents over 40% of a water utility’s annual operating budget.  ClearPower can provide municipalities with an opportunity to save enormous amounts of electrical expense, reduce carbon emissions and reduce electrical expenses by making use of their existing water infrastructure to generate low cost renewable energy.


Now the water that is used to produce our food can also be used to produce gigawatts of electricity. The ClearPower ITG is ready to be used in large, agricultural water pipelines to generate off grid power. Our solution is ideal for use where agricultural regions are converting open canals to pipes or where any closed conduits are moving irrigation water. As the demand for both water and electricity continue to grow, ClearPower can provide an easy solution for harnessing the untapped energy potential of flowing water to produce sustainable, lower cost electricity.

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