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Anil Mathews
Anil Mathews
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  • : November 14, 2017
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Part of the OilMonster editorial team, Anil Mathews has been involved in developing relevant and informative news write-ups on energy industry. Proficient in researching information on energy market trends, Anil keeps track of the latest happenings in and around the industry. Possessing adaptive range of writing styles, Anil's articles pay unique attention to evolving technologies capable of redesigning today's energy industry.
Articles by Anil Mathews
NNPC: Nigeria Earns $640.35m from Oil, Gas
To ensure continuous increase of PMS supply and effective distribution across the country, a total…
Crude OilJanuary 16th 2019
Israel, Egypt and Others Form New Natural Gas Group
The creation of the new grouping comes just as energy development in the Eastern Mediterranean…
Natural GasJanuary 16th 2019
First Shipments of U.S. Crude Oil Heading to China since September
Chinese buyers had been avoiding U.S. oil due to the trade war which saw both…
Crude OilJanuary 16th 2019
New Report Calls for Cautious Investment in Nigeria's Oil Industry
The experts explained that Nigeria’s oil industry sustained a healthy margin from recoveries it made…
Crude OilJanuary 15th 2019
Natural Gas Prices Spike 13% on Forecasts of Long, Severe Cold
Stockpile levels have improved after a warm second half of December, but a prolonged cold…
Natural GasJanuary 15th 2019
CME Plans to Launch E-Auction for U.S. Crude Oil Exports
The auction process is similar to one held by CME's affiliate Dubai Mercantile Exchange for…
Crude OilJanuary 15th 2019
Dangote Refinery Receives Major Component
The refinery has continued to receive heavy equipment, through the Dangote jetty, located close to…
Crude OilJanuary 14th 2019
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