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Anil Mathews
Anil Mathews
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  • : November 14, 2017
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Part of the OilMonster editorial team, Anil Mathews has been involved in developing relevant and informative news write-ups on energy industry. Proficient in researching information on energy market trends, Anil keeps track of the latest happenings in and around the industry. Possessing adaptive range of writing styles, Anil's articles pay unique attention to evolving technologies capable of redesigning today's energy industry.
Articles by Anil Mathews
Pennsylvania DEP Points to Dwindling Natural Gas Output
The reduced production is despite rise in number of wells spud by 47 from Q3…
Natural GasDecember 8th 2022
EIA Lowered Oil Price Forecasts for 2022 and 2023
The STEO noted that Brent crude oil prices averaged $91 per barrel in November, registering…
Crude OilDecember 8th 2022
Kremlin Says Russia is Still Working on Response to Oil Price Cap
Russia has said it will not sell to countries that comply with the cap.
Crude OilDecember 8th 2022
EU Natural Gas Market to Remain ‘Precarious’ Through Next Winter
The impacts of reduced Russian natural gas supplies to Europe have spillover effects for the…
Natural GasDecember 8th 2022
Oil Gives Up the Year’s Gains, Closing at 2022 Low
G7 nations kicked off implementation of a price cap to restrict Russian exports that could…
Crude OilDecember 8th 2022
Israeili Firm Signed Natural Gas Exploration Deal with Morocco
The license, which is valid for a period of eight years of exploration, includes prospects…
Natural GasDecember 7th 2022
Fight Against Crude Oil Theft Boosted Output, Says NNPC
The engagement of a private security, Tantita Securities Service by the NNPC in August this…
Crude OilDecember 7th 2022