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Rymes Propane & Oil
257 Sheep Davis Rd, Concord, New Hampshire, United States

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We offer heating fuel deliveries and equipment sales and installations to residents and businesses in New Hampshire and parts of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine

We have been one of the region’s leading heating companies since 1969, when Rymes Propane & Oil began providing New Englanders with heating service. That year, Jim and Carol Rymes traded in their family car for a pick-up truck that they used to start a business delivering propane to local homes and commercial properties. Over time, the business grew and branched out to offer a variety of heating fuels and service. Since then, Rymes has carefully built a solid reputation for superior service at affordable prices. We are now a second-generation business, run by brothers Jim, John, and Tom Rymes, and we are proud to represent our 45-year tradition of local, affordable, and dependable service to customers in New England.  Like most successful companies, our heating oil business has grown tremendously over the years. What started off as a small propane delivery operation has now expanded into a large heating company that offers more than just fuel, but also heating equipment sales and repairs, to four states. However, we are still family run and continue to operate with those small business values that got us started many years ago. We believe in offering reliable services at affordable prices with a friendly, local demeanor.  When looking for heating oil companies, end your search at Rymes! We offer fuel deliveries and heating equipment sales, installations, repairs, and cleanings. We’re the ones to contact for heating services in New Hampshire, eastern Vermont, southwestern Maine, Martha’s Vineyard, and north-central towns in Massachusetts. Call or email us today as you prepare your home heating systems for the upcoming months. 

While our biggest sellers are oil and propane, we also deliver kerosene and diesel

Heating by fuel is an incredibly popular way of home heating in New England. Did you know that the majority of rural New England residents heat by oil, propane, or kerosene? By contrast, most states in the South heat by electricity, which is thought to be less effective. Here in the Northeast, we need our heating source to be as efficient as possible during long bitter-cold winters. Rymes has been keeping New Englanders warm since 1969.  Rymes can fulfill just about any heating fuel need, as we offer various home heating fuel types. Don’t let our name fool you; in addition to propane and oil, we also deliver kerosene and diesel. Additionally, we offer a mixed fuel that combines oil and kerosene. Want to get an automatic fuel delivery plan? We can do that. Would you rather call us when you’re running low? That works for us too. Whichever type of delivery, we can fuel your needs.   While the use of natural gas is on the rise, there are many reasons why continuing to heat by oil would be the best option. For starters, when you heat by oil, propane, kerosene, or diesel, you are keeping your own supply of fuel in your home. When you heat by natural gas, you are depending on an underground gas line that runs the risk of leaks or explosions that can be hard to detect.  New Englanders have been using heating fuel for years with great success. For over 45 of those years they have been depending on Rymes to fulfill this essential home heating need. Contact us today to schedule a fuel delivery or enroll in an automatic delivery plan. We offer payment options that let you lock in fuel prices for the season or even the entire year!

We’ve been suppliers of propane since 1969, so you can count on our expertise

Looking for a propane delivery? Your search is over. Rymes is one of the leading propane suppliers in New England, servicing all of New Hampshire and parts of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine. Each time you get a propane delivery, you can expect to receive excellent service, as we have been one of the top propane companies in the region for over 45 years. You can also feel good knowing that you are heating with some of the cleanest fuel available.  When it comes to green energy, propane has always been ahead of the curve. The 1990 Clean Air Act declares propane a clean fuel while the 1992 Energy Policy Act assures that propane is efficient. Indeed, propane has low emissions, burns clean, and is more energy efficient than most heating options. Propane is nontoxic, which means that it is not harmful to the environment. From a safety perspective, it virtually cannot ignite with air (unless the air is around 900 °F,) and since it is released as a gas, you do not have to worry about spills.  When Rymes got its start in 1969, we began by just delivering propane. In other words, our business was actually founded on propane delivery alone, which makes us experts on heating by propane. Propane is often compared to electricity, which is a more expensive energy source and often unpredictable, especially during inclement weather when power outages are likely. What’s more, propane performs incredibly well. In other words, it actually keeps your home warm. By contrast, electricity does not heat at as high a temperature as propane.  People also prefer propane because it is incredibly versatile. Propane can be used in furnaces, boilers, water heaters (including tankless), space heaters, hybrid heaters, and fireplaces. If you are looking for any of these heating systems, or need repairs on your heating equipment, Rymes can help. In addition to using propane to heat their homes, many people also use it to heat their water (which propane heats very quickly,) dryers, and stoves. Furthermore, propane heating systems can be set up to either heat your whole house at once or in zones, so that you can control which rooms get heated when.  Most of the propane used in the United States is produced in the United States. This is because the U.S. is the leading producer of propane. Not only does this contribute to our economy and create thousands of jobs, but it also means that we have an abundant supply of propane. Many of America’s blue-collar workers fuel their businesses with propane. For example, many farmers and landscapers use it to power their equipment. You can feel good knowing that propane is energy efficient, clean, and an American-made product.

We are heating oil suppliers that take pride in keeping New England warm

Heating your home by oil? Then you might already know about all of the benefits of heating with this particular fuel. At Rymes, we like to assure our customers that heating by oil is very safe. For starters, it will not catch fire in its liquid state. In other words, if you try to light heating oil on fire, it simply won’t work. It would have the same affect as dropping a match in a tub of water. What’s more, home heating oil will not explode, nor will your furnace or boiler get hot enough to ignite any surrounding objects. Additionally, if there happens to be a problem with your tank, smoke or soot will alert you to the issue so that you can address the problem right away.  Since the 1970s, around the same time that Rymes got started, the heating oil industry has been taking great strides to make its product more safe, clean, and eco friendly. In the past few decades, emissions have been reduced incredibly. In fact, it is estimated that oil now burns nearly 95% cleaner than it did in 1970. Rymes has been proud to take part in these industry changes and to offer heating fuel that is environmentally safe.    Some people fear that heating oil companies rely too heavily on foreign nations for their oil supply. However, the United States has a vast oil supply in and of itself. What’s more, any oil that is imported comes from a variety of different countries on different continents. The idea that we are entirely dependent on the Middle East for our oil supply is a myth. Furthermore, the oil industry actually employs thousands of people in the United States and is a great contributor to our country’s economy. At Rymes, our employees are also your fellow community members, and we are happy to offer friendly and local home heating services.  When the time comes to stock up on oil, call Rymes. We are one of the leading heating oil companies in New England. We can set up a fuel delivery plan that works for you and offer you payment options that let you lock in oil prices for the season or even the year!

While it is possible to heat your whole home by kerosene, it is most popular to use it as a back-up or space heater

People have been using kerosene for heating oil since the 19th century. Today, people tend to use kerosene as a secondary way of heating their home. For example, many homeowners use an indoor kerosene heater to heat a certain area of their house, such as a basement. However, it is completely possible to heat your entire home using kerosene. Since kerosene heaters are so efficient, they warm an area or even an entire house very quickly.  There are two types of indoor kerosene heaters: radiant and convection. A radiant heater is used to heat a small area, whereas a convection heater is used to heat a large area. Radiant heaters allow you to aim the heat in a certain direction, like you might do with a fan. Convection heaters push hot air up and out to heat a large area or even an entire house. A lot of people rely on kerosene heaters as back-up heating systems because they can be operated without electricity and they warm up an area at a rapid rate.  Since kerosene has such a high energy output, it is cheaper than propane. However, it is not as environmentally friendly, although it does burn clean. Still, you usually do not need to run an indoor kerosene heater all day. Instead, many people turn it on and off at intervals to avoid overheating their home. What’s more, you can store kerosene in large quantities in approved containers. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should not store kerosene for over six months because it can become contaminated, especially in the summer.  There are some safety concerns often associated with kerosene heaters. As long as you use your heater properly, you should not worry. You should only use K-1 kerosene in your heater, as it is the only approved kerosene heating oil. When you set up a kerosene delivery with Rymes, this is the type that you get. You should never put gas in a kerosene heater, and you need to be sure that you vent your heater properly. Furthermore, it is important to keep the wick on your kerosene heater clean and to replace it every season. Some people fear that kerosene has a foul odor; however, an indoor heater only gives off a faint scent of kerosene for just a few minutes when you turn your heater on and off.

In addition to on road diesel, we offer off road diesel for use in agricultural, utility, construction, and military equipment, as well as recreational off road vehicles

We are suppliers of on road and red diesel, also known as off road diesel, and we have locations across New Hampshire where you can stock up on diesel for your agricultural, utility, construction, and military equipment or off road recreational vehicles. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you, as we offer diesel delivery services to all of New Hampshire and parts of Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.  Here in New England, different off roading projects are common, as we have a lot of open land and farms. Farmers who need diesel to fuel their tractors and other farm equipment can feel good knowing that Rymes has them covered with affordable fuel prices and excellent service. We extend this same courtesy to all of our customers, including landscapers who power their equipment with diesel and utility workers and construction crews that do the same. Another defining aspect of the New England landscape is the amount of waterfronts we have that attract boaters who also fuel with off road diesel—so we can also serve marinas and gas stations on bodies of water alike. Let Rymes fuel your business’s diesel needs.

If it has to do with heating equipment, we’ve got you covered

We proudly service heating equipment repairs, because at Rymes we understand that heating your home is unfortunately not as easy as keeping your fuel supplies stocked. As a homeowner, you also have to deal with equipment malfunctions. Fear not; we sell, install, clean, and repair heating equipment. Furnace acting up? Let our heating experts do the repairs. Need a new boiler or water heater? What about a new generator as you prepare for bad weather? Or a gas fireplace or space heater for a little extra warmth during the winter? We will bring the home heating equipment you need from our warehouse to your home. We even have you covered for summer, as we install 2 piece ductless AC units. We also sell, install, and service: waste oil heaters, hot water heaters, and tankless water heaters.  Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to service heating equipment because it is beyond repairs, which is why we offer tank removals and replacements. Tank removals are necessary when dirt build up or rust puts you at serious risk for a spill. Not only does a spill put you in danger, but it also has serious effects on your neighbors and community, as a spill contaminates soil and water sources. Even if your damaged tank is underground, we can remove it and would be happy to replace it with a new one. Any digging may require a permit from your town, but we can take care of that. Keep in mind that if you are trying to sell your home, you may need to replace your underground tank due to regulations enforced by the buyer’s financer.  Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare for winter, something still goes wrong. If your heating equipment fails you suddenly and you find yourself needing repairs, don’t panic. We have technicians standing by at all times. We sell, repair, install, and clean most makes and models of heating equipment. Properly functioning equipment is essential, which is why you should always get heating system repairs as soon as possible to avoid disasters in the middle of the cold season. Still, if you run into an emergency, feel safe knowing that we have 24-hour on-call technicians at Rymes.

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