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Soltek renewable
12535 Heatherton Court #158, San Diego, California, United States

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Since May, 2019
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We are enthusiastic about the inexhaustible energy that can be harnessed from the natural environment; specifically, the sun. We understand that energy use is of the greatest importance to us all, which is what drives us to supply that energy to users across the globe. The single most efficient energy sources are those that are renewable. Such sources are sunlight, wind, water (as waves or through dams) and geothermal heat. Current technologies allow for all of these sources to be tapped and supply us with clean and renewable energy to power our daily lives. Solar collection technology has advanced greatly since the first solar panels were developed in the 1960’s and continues to progress since its inception.  These time-tested methods are what we strive to supply to our customers, from backyard lighting to commercial power requirements. We are educated in the earth sciences and architectural fields, so efficiency and program is carefully executed by our staff. All projects are considered as top priority as we aim to empower our customers and help them achieve independence with their renewable energy products from utilities and large-scale energy plants. The capabilities exist to achieve these ends, and we are here to see them through.

Mario Villalobos, Principal of SolTek Renewables Certified graduate of the Turner School of Construction Management

  Born and raised in Southern California, Mario grew up with and saw first-hand the potential and persistent source of energy that is obtainable from sunlight. Sunny throughout the year, this region is ripe with solar energy collection and has motivated Mario to pursue that collection and offer it to customers through solar technology applications.  After graduating from high school, Mario pursued his studies in Oceanography at Palomar College transferring to Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA one year later. While there, he embarked on an exchange program to study Physical Geography at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, Zimbabwe. Along with the Geography courses, he enrolled in Shona language and culture for a 6 month period. After his studies at Humboldt, he moved back to San Diego and worked as an EMT for over 3 years before going back to finish his Bachelor degree in Architecture at Woodbury University. While there, he emphasized his studies and projects with a focus on green architecture and passive design.  Professionally, he began work in the real estate industry as an escrow assistant in 2002 while pursuing his degree at Woodbury. After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture, he continues to work for an independent escrow company in southern San Diego County. He has a firm knowledge of science and design of green technologies/solutions with the added experience of working with real estate professionals over the past 10 years. With this solid background, he was one of the principals in starting and maintaining an on-line company selling garden solar lights and products since 2009. With SolTek Renewables, he has branched out to supply customers with large-scale/commercial applications of solar and green technology solutions. The anticipated market is expected to expand to overseas clients to empower customers at the global level with energy generation revelations ranging from solar lighting to the on-site production and storage of electricity using alternative and renewable energy sources. The current line consists of solar-generated products with supplier warehouses in the Southern California region

The reasons for going solar are many, but the primary reason is simple:  Savings!  Primary savings begin immediately after installation in the form of:

  • Elimination of trenching and wiring, thus an immediate savings on installation costs and expensive copper wiring.

  • No system-wide power outages.

  • Total energy independence. Being energy independent (autonomous) means that you have assured that your energy is 100% renewable and local.

  • Zero-carbon footprint, guaranteed!

Our manufacturer, with over 10 years experience, has designed their lights to produce illumination (measured in foot-candles) that has proven to exceed conventional lights on city streets using direct measurements taken by our team at SolTek Renewables.  This is an important factor when choosing to go solar as our lights not only meet the 4 points above, but they are superior in their real-world operations and features.  Many lights on the market use HPS, LPS, halogen or some form of Mercury-based luminaire that come with their own inefficiencies and environmental hazards.  HPS and LPS lights are simply less efficient than our CREE LED lights, whereas the Mercury-based luminaires use Mercury in their chemistry.  This presents a problem when lights (Mercury) are broken, either intentionally or through motor vehicle collisions, as they may require HAZMAT services for clean-up and disposal.  CREE LEDs on the other hand do not require such servicing upon breakage as described above.  So, the elements of safety coupled with efficiency make our CREE LED solar street lights the best-fit option available on the market.

Renewable Resources: 

Natural renewable resources are the logical step toward energy autonomy, whether it is an individual looking to curb their carbon footprint via the conventional electricity grid or a commercial property owner opting to control the energy input into their investments. Autonomy from the grid means no power outages will affect them when the local utility unexpectedly goes down. Renewable energy generated on site means a property owner is free from the dependency on potentially polluting, outdated and costly energy sources. Conventional practices mean that the electricity to power lights, mechanical and other operating equipment requires the input of energy from a source that costs money on a daily basis as that electricity is used in the form of monthly energy bills. Renewable energy sources require the initial investment (as do conventional methods) but with no recurring monthly costs. Maintenance of renewable sources is that of upkeep (think once every 3 to 5 years) in the form of rechargeable battery replacements. Any necessary cleaning of solar panels or possible wind propeller replacement is a maintenance cost that is minimal when compared to the operation costs of traditional energy sources (coal, petroleum, nuclear, etc.)  Renewable energy resolves conflict with special interests as the use of non-renewables is eliminated from the equation and all energy production is put directly in the hands of the end user. For those looking to run their own operations entirely, a combination of wind, solar, hydro and/or geothermal methods is a practical and feasible solution. Energy is produced by these methods by their particular means and used directly or as stored energy (battery storage) for later use. Batteries are stored on-site as part of the operation mechanism or in designated storage areas. For solar street lights, rechargeable batteries are mounted directly to the pole, above the ground at the base of the pole or buried near the base in specially designed enclosures.  The advantages of renewable energy are too great to pass up. Long-term costs are significantly low, autonomy is achieved and the environment is secure as the production of renewable energy has no carbon footprint and no adverse effects in the form of air, water, soil and noise pollution. Renewable energy truly is the wave of the future.

Company NameSoltek renewable
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Address12535 Heatherton Court #158
San Diego
United States
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