Stroud Exploration Company, L.L.C., a Louisiana limited liability company, is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Stroud Exploration is focused on growing oil and gas reserves primarily through exploratory drilling and development.

Stroud Exploration Company, L.L.C. is a privately held oil and gas exploration company based in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Scott D. Stroud organized Stroud Exploration in 1996 for the purpose of exploring for and developing oil and gas reserves in East Texas and North Louisiana.  Scott Stroud brings 40 years of oil and gas experience to the Company. The Company is geologically centered, primarily growing through drilling and development, as well as through acquisitions. Today Stroud Exploration is active in East Texas, Louisiana north of I-10, Mississippi and the Powder River Basin of Wyoming; but, its geological staff continues to search for future drilling and development opportunities across the lower 48 states.