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United Air Temp
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Our company was built on and continues to provide high quality service, products, and complete customer satisfaction since 1931.  We now have tens of thousands of systems under contract. More than 80 percent of our residential contract customers renew every year. Each year thousands of new customers looking for the best service available, choose United Air Temp. Our technicians stay up-to-date by completing 40 or more hours of United Air Temp Academy and factory training annually.  Our sales of air conditioning and heating systems, air and water quality products, plumbing services and equipment have continued to grow at rate of approximately 20% a year for the last 10 years. This growth is due, in part, to our effort to satisfy our customers. Because of our customers we are now the leading provider of these services in the Greater Washington DC area.  Preventive maintenance, Freon recovery, guaranteed repairs… however and whenever you need our support, we’re ready to perform. Whether your immediate needs are air conditioning, water or air quality issues, heating, or view our plumbing services, we can help. Schedule a service call and we’ll help you provide a safe and comfortable home for your family. Our highly trained technicians can service all brands of air conditioning and heating equipment. We provide a convenient 2-hour window for normal repair and maintenance services and our emergency service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Constant updating on service techniques and product innovations lets our skilled professionals give you the little extras that make a difference in today’s industry. With a computerized customer tracking system we are able to track the service history of your equipment. You always receive a complete written report on all work performed. We make two thorough inspections each year to advise you of the status of your Heating, Air-conditioning and plumbing systems.

Geothermal Installer in Northern Virginia

Geothermal technology relies primarily on the Earth’s natural thermal energy, a renewable resource, to heat or cool a house or multi-family dwelling. The only additional energy geoexchange systems require is the small amount of electricity they employ to concentrate what Mother Nature provides and then to circulate high-quality heating and cooling throughout the home.  Geoexchange systems represent a savings to homeowners of 30 to 70 percent in the heating mode and 20 to 50 percent in the cooling mode, compared to conventional systems.  The EPA found that geoexchange heating and cooling systems can reduce energy consumption and corresponding emissions by more than 40 percent compared to air source heat pumps and by over 70 percent compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment.  Homeowners who use geoexchange systems give them superior ratings because of their ability to deliver comfortably warm air, even on the coldest winter days, and because of their extraordinarily low operating costs. As an additional benefit, geoexchange systems can provide inexpensive hot water, either to supplement or replace entirely the output of a conventional, domestic water heater.  Geoexchange heating and cooling is cost effective because it uses energy so efficiently. This makes it very environmentally friendly, too. For these reasons, federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, as well as state agencies like the California Energy Commission, endorse it.  Owners of geoexchange systems can relax and enjoy high-quality heating and cooling year after year. Geoexchange systems work on a different principle than an ordinary furnace/air conditioning system, and they require little maintenance or attention from homeowners. Furnaces must create heat by burning a fuel–typically natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. With geoexchange systems, there’s no need to create heat, hence no need for chemical combustion. Instead, the Earth’s natural heat is collected in winter through a series of pipes, called a loop, installed below the surface of the ground or submersed in a pond or lake. Fluid circulating in the loop carries this heat to the home. An indoor geoexchange system then uses electrically-driven compressors and heat exchangers in a vapor compression cycle–the same principle employed in a refrigerator–to concentrate the Earth’s energy and release it inside the home at a higher temperature. In typical systems, duct fans distribute the heat to various rooms.  In summer, the process is reversed in order to cool the home. Excess heat is drawn from the home, expelled to the loop, and absorbed by the Earth.  Geoexchange systems provide cooling in the same way that a refrigerator keeps its contents cool–by drawing heat from the interior, not by injecting cold air.  Geoexchange systems do the work that ordinarily requires two appliances, a furnace and an air conditioner. They can be located indoors because there’s no need to exchange heat with the outdoor air. They’re so quiet homeowners don’t even realize they’re on. They are also compact. Typically, they are installed in a basement or attic, and some are small enough to fit atop a closet shelf. The indoor location also means the equipment is protected from mechanical breakdowns that could result from exposure to harsh weather.  Geoexchange works differently than conventional heat pumps that use the outdoor air as their heat source or heat sink. Geoexchange systems don’t have to work as hard (which means they use less energy) because they draw heat from a source whose temperature is moderate. The temperature of the ground or groundwater a few feet beneath the Earth’s surface remains relatively constant throughout the year, even though the outdoor air temperature may fluctuate greatly with the change of seasons. At a depth of approximately six feet, for example, the temperature of soil in most of the world’s regions remains stable between 45 F and 70 F. This is why well water drawn from below ground tastes so cool even on the hottest summer days.  In winter, it’s much easier to capture heat from the soil at a moderate 50o F. than from the atmosphere when the air temperature is below zero. This is also why geoexchange systems encounter no difficulty blowing comfortably warm air through a home’s ventilation system, even when the outdoor air temperature is extremely cold.2 Conversely, in summer, the relatively cool ground absorbs a home’s waste heat more readily than the warm outdoor air.  Studies show that approximately 70 percent of the energy used in a geoexchange heating and cooling system is renewable energy from the ground. The remainder is clean, electrical energy which is employed to concentrate heat and transport it from one location to another.

Home Heating System Requirement

More than anything else, your home heating system should adequately heat your home. Whether you live in a climate that dips to -40 degrees in the winter or one that barely scrapes below freezing, a good heat distribution system should keep your home temperature the same as if you had a beautiful spring day with the windows open.  Technology has led us to things like a dual fuel heating system where you have more than one fuel for the same system in your home. Options abound. Here are a few of the most common heating systems on the market today.

Indoor Air Quality

   In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors. In addition, people who may be exposed to indoor air pollutants for the longest periods of time are often those most susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution. Such groups include the young, the elderly, and the chronically ill, especially those suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

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