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Sahara Blend Price
Region : OPEC Monthly     OPEC     Price Date : 2024-01-31

81.36$US/1 Barrel  +2.53  +3.21%
Week HighWeek LowMonth HighMonth Low3 Mos High3 Mos Low6 Mos High6 Mos LowYear HighYear Low
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Sahara Blend Price Chart
Sahara Blend Historical Price Historical Prices Available since Sep, 2017
Price DatePriceUnit
31 Jan 202481.36$US/1 Barrel
29 Dec 202378.83$US/1 Barrel
30 Nov 202384.80$US/1 Barrel
31 Oct 202393.27$US/1 Barrel
29 Sep 202395.21$US/1 Barrel
31 Aug 202386.69$US/1 Barrel
31 Jul 202380.29$US/1 Barrel


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