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15th September, 2020 - 17th September, 2020


Start Date15th September, 2020 (Tuesday) 12.00 AM
End Date17th September, 2020 (Thursday) 12.00 AM
VenuGeorge R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, USA
LocationUnited States Houston,United States

TPS is a vital industry event, offering a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide. Now surpassing 48 years, TPS is known for its impact on turbomachinery, pump, oil & gas, petrochemical, power, aerospace, chemical and water industries through two pathways , the technical program and exhibition.

Technical Program :

The TPS technical program is hand-selected by advisory committees made up of key industry players, and led by highly respected practitioners and leaders in their fields. Topics cover maintenance, reliability, troubleshooting, instruction on emerging designs, technology, and best practices that include case studies with real-world relevance on problems solved and lessons learned.


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