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Renewable Energy News
Oil giant Shell strikes deal to buy power from ‘world’s largest offshore wind farm’
The 15-year power purchase agreement relates to 240 megawatts from Dogger Bank C, the third…
November 24th 2021
Chile wants to export solar energy to Asia via 15,000km submarine cable
The Antípodas project was announced by the Chilean government last week. It is aimed at…
November 16th 2021
New report shows Oklahoma ranks second in wind power production growth
Environment America Research and Policy Center’s report “Renewables on the Rise” shows a significant increase…
November 10th 2021
Cost of largest U.S. offshore wind farm spikes by $2B
The country’s largest offshore wind farm just got a lot more expensive. Dominion Energy Inc.…
November 9th 2021
What the U.S. can learn from the U.K. about wind power
As the United States looks to pour billions into offshore wind development, the COP26 host…
November 5th 2021
Canada, Mexico & US Kickstart Global Renewable Energy Transition for Remote & Indigenous Communities
Today in Glasgow at COP26, Canada, Mexico and the United States, as part of trilateral work under the Environmental Cooperation Agreement, are…
November 4th 2021
Renewable Energy Could Drive Healthcare Costs WAY Down, According to Experts
ArsTechnica reports that the benefits of using renewables would trickle off into healthcare for a…
November 2nd 2021
US to expand offshore wind in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico
The Biden administration’s Department of the Interior yesterday announced new actions to build offshore wind…
October 29th 2021
Renewable Energy Can Live With Trump or Biden
Last four years have proven that the industry is past its formative years
October 1st 2020