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Natural Gas News
U.S. Natural Gas Prices Hit Lowest Point Since 2021- LNG Recap
Rystad Energy said last week that production growth continues to hinder prices, with January output…
January 31st 2023
Turkey to Host Natural Gas Summit Next Month
It must be noted that Russia had proposed to establish a gas hub in Turkey.
January 30th 2023
Europe’s Natural Gas Market to Remain Tight in 2023
Mr Pouyanne said that European countries should diversify energy suppliers, mostly through long-term contracts.
January 30th 2023
Los Angeles County Bans New Natural Gas and Oil Wells
The County officials passed an ordinance amending the zoning law, thus banning new oil and…
January 27th 2023
Gas Flows to Freeport LNG Export Plant Resume
The flows were on track to reach only 22 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd)…
January 27th 2023
Kinder Morgan Sanctioned Evangeline Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Venture Global expects the proximity of Kinder’s midstream network throughout Texas and Louisiana to deliver…
January 26th 2023
Russia, Uzbekistan in Talks to Reverse Gas Pipeline
The Central Asia - Center pipeline was designed to carry Central Asian gas westward and…
January 26th 2023
Roanoke Gas Renewable Natural Gas Project Gets State Approval
The equipment is expected to be commissioned in the next four to six weeks.
January 25th 2023
Trinidad’s Gas Output Rise Hinges on Offshore Projects Approval
Gas reserves at the Manatee field were first discovered in 2005, but the lack of…
January 25th 2023
Freeport LNG Awaits Approval for Texas Export Terminal Restart
Freeport LNG urged the authorities to provide a response by Tuesday.
January 24th 2023
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