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Natural Gas News
U.S. Natural Gas Price Spikes as Demand from Europe Grows
While natural gas demand has mostly recovered from the impact of COVID-19, the supply of…
May 20th 2022
Natural Gas Pipeline to be Converted to Transport Carbon Dioxide to Wyoming CSS Hub
The 400-mile pipeline runs through Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska, and aims to have the capacity…
May 19th 2022
Natural Gas Production in the Bakken Region Grew While Crude Oil Fell in 2021
North Dakota state regulators and operators continue to reduce natural gas flaring at the wellhead…
May 18th 2022
Global Energy Crisis Opens Possibilities for Israel’s Natural Gas Drillings
There are five such offshore liquefaction facilities in the world today, she continued.
May 17th 2022
Spain and Portugal Target Price Cap for Natural Gas to Combat Skyrocketing Inflation
Both country’s plans need the approval of the EU’s executive arm, the European Commission, before…
May 16th 2022
Natural Gas Production Jumped 8% in February, IEA Says
OECD oil stock levels on national territory stood at 491 million metric tonnes in February.
May 13th 2022
Environmental Injustice Linked to Urban Natural Gas Leaks
Between 2014 and 2018, the researchers conducted leak detection surveys across 13 US metropolitan areas.
May 12th 2022
Senator ‘Very Frustrated’ over How Natural Gas Ban Came About
Doglio testified in favor of the changes. She said eliminating natural gas from new buildings…
May 11th 2022
SoCalGas Renews Program to Deliver Renewable Natural Gas to Vehicle Fueling Stations
The new three-year renewal continues SoCalGas' partnership with U.S. Gain. SoCalGas signed a new contract…
May 10th 2022
Reliance Industries Expects Prices of Natural Gas to Rise Again in October
India fixes domestic gas rates based on a formula using prices in the previous 12…
May 9th 2022
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