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Hydro Companies in Quebec
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Since Feb, 2021
Solution Hydro Solaire is a company qualified in the production of renewable energy in Quebec. It is one of the first companies to want to help its customers make a positive environmental shift in residential and commercial energy production. We want to provide a simple and effective solution to customers…
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Since Aug, 2020
Hydro-Québec produces, transmits and distributes electricity. It mainly operates renewable energies, more particularly hydroelectricity. She also does research in energy-related fields and is actively interested in energy efficiency. In addition, it develops the technologies resulting from its…
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Since Jun, 2017
Brault Maxtech inc. represents a complete line of water and wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers for the municipal and industrial Quebec markets. Brault Maxtech provides state-of-the-art services and support to consulting engineers, plant managers and operators in assisting the selection of…
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Since May, 2017
We have been using our engineering expertise to make our global customers more efficient since we were founded by two engineers in 1871.We design and manufacture highly-engineered products and services for minerals, oil and gas, and power industries.We employ around 14,000 people operating in more than…
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