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United States Monthly Crude Oil Imports from Cameroon

US crude oil imports measures the monthly number of barrels imported from Cameroon to the the United States. The numbers, released by the EIA, can give an idea of the total import of crude oil to the US from Cameroon. US Crude Oil import from Cameroon is at a current level of 125 thousand barrels in October, 2021
Imports in October, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in September, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in August, 2021
Thousand Barrels

United States Crude Oil Imports from Cameroon - Historical Chart

United States Crude Oil Imports from Cameroon

Month & YearImport/MonthUnit
October, 2021125Thousand Barrels
September, 2021140Thousand Barrels
August, 20211335Thousand Barrels
July, 20210Thousand Barrels
June, 20210Thousand Barrels
May, 20210Thousand Barrels
April, 20210Thousand Barrels
March, 20210Thousand Barrels
February, 20210Thousand Barrels
January, 20210Thousand Barrels
December, 2020488Thousand Barrels
November, 20200Thousand Barrels
October, 2020699Thousand Barrels
September, 2020629Thousand Barrels
August, 2020674Thousand Barrels
July, 2020269Thousand Barrels
June, 202017Thousand Barrels
May, 2020915Thousand Barrels
April, 2020956Thousand Barrels
March, 2020867Thousand Barrels
February, 2020928Thousand Barrels
January, 2020516Thousand Barrels
December, 2019561Thousand Barrels
November, 2019947Thousand Barrels
October, 2019527Thousand Barrels
September, 20190Thousand Barrels
August, 20190Thousand Barrels
July, 20190Thousand Barrels
June, 2019980Thousand Barrels
May, 20190Thousand Barrels
April, 2019948Thousand Barrels
March, 20190Thousand Barrels
February, 2019204Thousand Barrels
January, 20190Thousand Barrels
December, 20180Thousand Barrels
November, 20180Thousand Barrels
October, 2018232Thousand Barrels
September, 20180Thousand Barrels
August, 20180Thousand Barrels
July, 20180Thousand Barrels
June, 20182Thousand Barrels
May, 20180Thousand Barrels
April, 20181068Thousand Barrels
March, 20180Thousand Barrels
February, 2018304Thousand Barrels
January, 2018329Thousand Barrels
December, 2017258Thousand Barrels
November, 20170Thousand Barrels
October, 20170Thousand Barrels
September, 20170Thousand Barrels
August, 20170Thousand Barrels
July, 20170Thousand Barrels
June, 20170Thousand Barrels
May, 20170Thousand Barrels
April, 20170Thousand Barrels
March, 2017193Thousand Barrels
February, 20170Thousand Barrels
January, 201726Thousand Barrels
December, 20160Thousand Barrels
November, 2016145Thousand Barrels
October, 20160Thousand Barrels
September, 2016242Thousand Barrels
August, 2016272Thousand Barrels
July, 20160Thousand Barrels
June, 2016122Thousand Barrels
May, 2016178Thousand Barrels
April, 20160Thousand Barrels
March, 20160Thousand Barrels
February, 2016237Thousand Barrels
January, 20160Thousand Barrels
December, 20150Thousand Barrels
November, 20150Thousand Barrels
October, 20150Thousand Barrels
September, 2015389Thousand Barrels
August, 20150Thousand Barrels
July, 20150Thousand Barrels
June, 20150Thousand Barrels
May, 20150Thousand Barrels
April, 20150Thousand Barrels
March, 20150Thousand Barrels
February, 2015191Thousand Barrels
January, 20150Thousand Barrels
December, 2014419Thousand Barrels
November, 201457Thousand Barrels
October, 2014157Thousand Barrels
September, 20140Thousand Barrels
August, 20140Thousand Barrels
July, 20140Thousand Barrels
June, 20140Thousand Barrels
May, 20140Thousand Barrels
April, 20140Thousand Barrels
March, 2014300Thousand Barrels
February, 20140Thousand Barrels
January, 20140Thousand Barrels
December, 20130Thousand Barrels
November, 2013415Thousand Barrels
October, 20130Thousand Barrels
September, 20130Thousand Barrels
August, 20130Thousand Barrels
July, 20130Thousand Barrels
June, 2013291Thousand Barrels
May, 20130Thousand Barrels
April, 20130Thousand Barrels
March, 2013200Thousand Barrels
February, 201310Thousand Barrels
January, 2013309Thousand Barrels
December, 201232Thousand Barrels
November, 2012121Thousand Barrels
October, 20121191Thousand Barrels
September, 2012954Thousand Barrels
August, 20120Thousand Barrels
July, 2012283Thousand Barrels
June, 20121911Thousand Barrels
May, 2012954Thousand Barrels
April, 2012955Thousand Barrels
March, 20121958Thousand Barrels
February, 20121805Thousand Barrels
January, 20122192Thousand Barrels
December, 2011954Thousand Barrels
November, 20111909Thousand Barrels
October, 2011954Thousand Barrels
September, 20111879Thousand Barrels
August, 20111260Thousand Barrels
July, 20111859Thousand Barrels
June, 2011953Thousand Barrels
May, 20111418Thousand Barrels
April, 2011404Thousand Barrels
March, 2011931Thousand Barrels
February, 2011446Thousand Barrels
January, 2011954Thousand Barrels
December, 2010953Thousand Barrels
November, 20101262Thousand Barrels
October, 20101043Thousand Barrels
September, 20102294Thousand Barrels
August, 20101901Thousand Barrels
July, 20102500Thousand Barrels
June, 20101309Thousand Barrels
May, 20101905Thousand Barrels
April, 20101553Thousand Barrels
March, 20101925Thousand Barrels
February, 20101159Thousand Barrels
January, 20101924Thousand Barrels
December, 20091945Thousand Barrels
November, 20092177Thousand Barrels
October, 20091953Thousand Barrels
September, 20092129Thousand Barrels
August, 20092479Thousand Barrels
July, 20091962Thousand Barrels
June, 2009287Thousand Barrels
May, 2009619Thousand Barrels
April, 2009567Thousand Barrels
March, 2009862Thousand Barrels
February, 2009312Thousand Barrels
January, 2009293Thousand Barrels
December, 2008491Thousand Barrels
November, 20080Thousand Barrels
October, 2008403Thousand Barrels
September, 20080Thousand Barrels
August, 2008268Thousand Barrels
July, 2008800Thousand Barrels
June, 20081590Thousand Barrels
May, 2008529Thousand Barrels
April, 2008275Thousand Barrels
March, 20080Thousand Barrels
February, 2008985Thousand Barrels
January, 20080Thousand Barrels
December, 2007312Thousand Barrels
November, 200741Thousand Barrels
October, 20071369Thousand Barrels
September, 20070Thousand Barrels
August, 20072210Thousand Barrels
July, 20071910Thousand Barrels
June, 20071915Thousand Barrels
May, 20071745Thousand Barrels
April, 2007955Thousand Barrels
March, 20070Thousand Barrels
February, 200745Thousand Barrels
January, 2007302Thousand Barrels
December, 200640Thousand Barrels
November, 2006290Thousand Barrels
October, 20060Thousand Barrels
September, 2006751Thousand Barrels
August, 2006631Thousand Barrels
July, 2006487Thousand Barrels
June, 20060Thousand Barrels
May, 2006180Thousand Barrels
April, 20060Thousand Barrels
March, 20060Thousand Barrels
February, 2006453Thousand Barrels
January, 200625Thousand Barrels
December, 200540Thousand Barrels
November, 2005457Thousand Barrels
October, 200510Thousand Barrels
September, 2005314Thousand Barrels
August, 20050Thousand Barrels
July, 2005247Thousand Barrels
June, 20050Thousand Barrels
May, 2005302Thousand Barrels
April, 20050Thousand Barrels
March, 200520Thousand Barrels
February, 2005710Thousand Barrels
January, 2005823Thousand Barrels
December, 200495Thousand Barrels
November, 2004417Thousand Barrels
October, 20042097Thousand Barrels
September, 2004529Thousand Barrels
August, 2004484Thousand Barrels
July, 2004311Thousand Barrels
June, 2004300Thousand Barrels
May, 2004649Thousand Barrels
April, 20041312Thousand Barrels
March, 2004467Thousand Barrels
February, 2004947Thousand Barrels
January, 2004940Thousand Barrels
December, 2003561Thousand Barrels
November, 2003303Thousand Barrels
October, 2003549Thousand Barrels
September, 2003799Thousand Barrels
August, 20030Thousand Barrels
July, 20031690Thousand Barrels
June, 20030Thousand Barrels
May, 2003301Thousand Barrels
April, 20030Thousand Barrels
March, 20030Thousand Barrels
February, 2003296Thousand Barrels
January, 20030Thousand Barrels
December, 20020Thousand Barrels
November, 2002139Thousand Barrels
October, 2002298Thousand Barrels
September, 2002900Thousand Barrels
August, 20021886Thousand Barrels
July, 2002315Thousand Barrels
June, 2002799Thousand Barrels
May, 2002270Thousand Barrels
April, 20020Thousand Barrels
March, 20020Thousand Barrels
February, 20020Thousand Barrels
January, 200274Thousand Barrels
December, 2001346Thousand Barrels
November, 2001167Thousand Barrels
October, 20010Thousand Barrels
September, 2001342Thousand Barrels
August, 20010Thousand Barrels
July, 2001498Thousand Barrels
June, 2001311Thousand Barrels
May, 20010Thousand Barrels
April, 20010Thousand Barrels
March, 20010Thousand Barrels
February, 2001755Thousand Barrels
January, 20010Thousand Barrels
December, 200040Thousand Barrels
November, 20000Thousand Barrels
October, 2000778Thousand Barrels
September, 20000Thousand Barrels
August, 20000Thousand Barrels
July, 2000398Thousand Barrels
June, 20000Thousand Barrels
May, 2000400Thousand Barrels
April, 2000241Thousand Barrels
March, 2000383Thousand Barrels
February, 2000322Thousand Barrels
January, 20000Thousand Barrels
December, 19990Thousand Barrels
November, 1999413Thousand Barrels
October, 19990Thousand Barrels
September, 19990Thousand Barrels
August, 19990Thousand Barrels
July, 1999395Thousand Barrels
June, 19990Thousand Barrels
May, 1999490Thousand Barrels
April, 199959Thousand Barrels
March, 1999438Thousand Barrels
February, 199945Thousand Barrels
January, 199945Thousand Barrels
December, 199865Thousand Barrels
November, 1998108Thousand Barrels
October, 1998304Thousand Barrels
September, 1998376Thousand Barrels
August, 1998409Thousand Barrels
July, 19980Thousand Barrels
June, 19980Thousand Barrels
May, 19980Thousand Barrels
April, 19980Thousand Barrels
March, 19980Thousand Barrels
February, 19980Thousand Barrels
January, 1998209Thousand Barrels
December, 19970Thousand Barrels
November, 19970Thousand Barrels
October, 19970Thousand Barrels
September, 19970Thousand Barrels
August, 19970Thousand Barrels
July, 1997918Thousand Barrels
June, 1997444Thousand Barrels
May, 19970Thousand Barrels
April, 19970Thousand Barrels
March, 1997191Thousand Barrels
February, 1997122Thousand Barrels
January, 19970Thousand Barrels
December, 19960Thousand Barrels
November, 19960Thousand Barrels
October, 1996261Thousand Barrels
September, 19960Thousand Barrels
August, 1996852Thousand Barrels
July, 1996304Thousand Barrels
June, 19960Thousand Barrels
May, 19960Thousand Barrels
April, 19960Thousand Barrels
March, 19960Thousand Barrels
February, 19960Thousand Barrels
January, 1996252Thousand Barrels
December, 1995297Thousand Barrels
November, 19950Thousand Barrels
October, 19950Thousand Barrels
September, 19950Thousand Barrels
August, 19950Thousand Barrels
July, 19950Thousand Barrels
June, 19950Thousand Barrels
May, 19950Thousand Barrels
April, 1995880Thousand Barrels
March, 19950Thousand Barrels
February, 1995630Thousand Barrels
January, 19950Thousand Barrels
December, 1994108Thousand Barrels
November, 19940Thousand Barrels
October, 1994460Thousand Barrels
September, 1994323Thousand Barrels
August, 1994323Thousand Barrels
July, 19941169Thousand Barrels
June, 19940Thousand Barrels
May, 19940Thousand Barrels
April, 19940Thousand Barrels
March, 19940Thousand Barrels
February, 1994143Thousand Barrels
January, 19940Thousand Barrels
December, 19930Thousand Barrels
November, 1993303Thousand Barrels
October, 19930Thousand Barrels
September, 1993798Thousand Barrels
August, 1993549Thousand Barrels
July, 1993966Thousand Barrels
June, 1993900Thousand Barrels
May, 1993170Thousand Barrels
April, 19930Thousand Barrels
March, 199369Thousand Barrels


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