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United States Monthly Crude Oil Imports from Bolivia

US crude oil imports measures the monthly number of barrels imported from Bolivia to the the United States. The numbers, released by the EIA, can give an idea of the total import of crude oil to the US from Bolivia. US Crude Oil import from Bolivia is at a current level of 194 thousand barrels in October, 2018
Imports in October, 2018
Thousand Barrels
Imports in September, 2018
Thousand Barrels
Imports in August, 2018
Thousand Barrels

United States Crude Oil Imports from Bolivia - Historical Chart

United States Crude Oil Imports from Bolivia

Month & YearImport/MonthUnit
October, 2018194Thousand Barrels
September, 2018124Thousand Barrels
August, 20180Thousand Barrels
July, 20180Thousand Barrels
June, 20180Thousand Barrels
May, 20180Thousand Barrels
April, 20180Thousand Barrels
March, 20180Thousand Barrels
February, 20180Thousand Barrels
January, 20180Thousand Barrels
December, 20170Thousand Barrels
November, 20170Thousand Barrels
October, 20170Thousand Barrels
September, 20170Thousand Barrels
August, 20170Thousand Barrels
July, 20170Thousand Barrels
June, 20170Thousand Barrels
May, 20170Thousand Barrels
April, 20170Thousand Barrels
March, 20170Thousand Barrels
February, 20170Thousand Barrels
January, 20170Thousand Barrels
December, 20160Thousand Barrels
November, 20160Thousand Barrels
October, 20160Thousand Barrels
September, 20160Thousand Barrels
August, 20160Thousand Barrels
July, 2016318Thousand Barrels
June, 20160Thousand Barrels
May, 20160Thousand Barrels
April, 20160Thousand Barrels
March, 20160Thousand Barrels
February, 2016313Thousand Barrels
January, 20160Thousand Barrels
December, 20150Thousand Barrels
November, 20150Thousand Barrels
October, 20150Thousand Barrels
September, 20150Thousand Barrels
August, 20150Thousand Barrels
July, 20150Thousand Barrels
June, 20150Thousand Barrels
May, 20150Thousand Barrels
April, 20150Thousand Barrels
March, 20150Thousand Barrels
February, 20150Thousand Barrels
January, 20150Thousand Barrels
December, 20140Thousand Barrels
November, 20140Thousand Barrels
October, 20140Thousand Barrels
September, 20140Thousand Barrels
August, 20140Thousand Barrels
July, 20140Thousand Barrels
June, 20140Thousand Barrels
May, 20140Thousand Barrels
April, 20140Thousand Barrels
March, 20140Thousand Barrels
February, 20140Thousand Barrels
January, 20140Thousand Barrels
December, 20130Thousand Barrels
November, 20130Thousand Barrels
October, 20130Thousand Barrels
September, 20130Thousand Barrels
August, 20130Thousand Barrels
July, 20130Thousand Barrels
June, 20130Thousand Barrels
May, 20130Thousand Barrels
April, 20130Thousand Barrels
March, 20130Thousand Barrels
February, 20130Thousand Barrels
January, 2013294Thousand Barrels
December, 20120Thousand Barrels
November, 20120Thousand Barrels
October, 2012314Thousand Barrels
September, 20120Thousand Barrels
August, 20120Thousand Barrels
July, 20120Thousand Barrels
June, 20120Thousand Barrels
May, 2012150Thousand Barrels
April, 20120Thousand Barrels
March, 2012322Thousand Barrels
February, 20120Thousand Barrels
January, 2012472Thousand Barrels
December, 20110Thousand Barrels
November, 2011322Thousand Barrels
October, 20110Thousand Barrels
September, 20110Thousand Barrels
August, 2011318Thousand Barrels
July, 2011315Thousand Barrels
June, 20110Thousand Barrels
May, 20110Thousand Barrels
April, 2011319Thousand Barrels
March, 2011311Thousand Barrels
February, 2011329Thousand Barrels
January, 2011257Thousand Barrels
December, 20100Thousand Barrels
November, 2010553Thousand Barrels
October, 20100Thousand Barrels
September, 2010292Thousand Barrels
August, 2010308Thousand Barrels
July, 2010270Thousand Barrels
June, 2010304Thousand Barrels
May, 20100Thousand Barrels
April, 2010301Thousand Barrels
March, 20100Thousand Barrels
February, 2010269Thousand Barrels
January, 2010301Thousand Barrels
December, 2009300Thousand Barrels
November, 2009301Thousand Barrels
October, 2009300Thousand Barrels
September, 2009322Thousand Barrels
August, 2009562Thousand Barrels
July, 200969Thousand Barrels
June, 2009300Thousand Barrels
May, 20090Thousand Barrels
April, 2009300Thousand Barrels
March, 2009322Thousand Barrels
February, 20090Thousand Barrels
January, 20090Thousand Barrels
December, 20080Thousand Barrels
November, 20080Thousand Barrels
October, 20080Thousand Barrels
September, 2008320Thousand Barrels
August, 2008322Thousand Barrels
July, 20080Thousand Barrels
June, 20080Thousand Barrels
May, 20080Thousand Barrels
April, 2008323Thousand Barrels
March, 2008274Thousand Barrels
February, 20080Thousand Barrels
January, 20080Thousand Barrels
December, 20070Thousand Barrels
November, 2007295Thousand Barrels
October, 20070Thousand Barrels
September, 2007269Thousand Barrels
August, 20070Thousand Barrels
July, 20070Thousand Barrels
June, 20070Thousand Barrels
May, 2007307Thousand Barrels
April, 20070Thousand Barrels
March, 20070Thousand Barrels
February, 20070Thousand Barrels
January, 2007286Thousand Barrels
December, 20060Thousand Barrels
November, 20060Thousand Barrels
October, 20060Thousand Barrels
September, 20060Thousand Barrels
August, 2006298Thousand Barrels
July, 20060Thousand Barrels
June, 20060Thousand Barrels
May, 20060Thousand Barrels
April, 2006102Thousand Barrels
March, 20060Thousand Barrels
February, 20060Thousand Barrels
January, 2006299Thousand Barrels
December, 20050Thousand Barrels
November, 20050Thousand Barrels
October, 20050Thousand Barrels
September, 20050Thousand Barrels
August, 2005264Thousand Barrels
July, 20050Thousand Barrels
June, 2005246Thousand Barrels
May, 20050Thousand Barrels
April, 20050Thousand Barrels
March, 20050Thousand Barrels
February, 200518Thousand Barrels
January, 20050Thousand Barrels
December, 20040Thousand Barrels
November, 20040Thousand Barrels
October, 20040Thousand Barrels
September, 20040Thousand Barrels
August, 20040Thousand Barrels
July, 200436Thousand Barrels
June, 200415Thousand Barrels
May, 20040Thousand Barrels
April, 20040Thousand Barrels
March, 20040Thousand Barrels
February, 2004260Thousand Barrels
January, 20040Thousand Barrels
December, 20030Thousand Barrels
November, 20030Thousand Barrels
October, 20030Thousand Barrels
September, 20030Thousand Barrels
August, 20030Thousand Barrels
July, 20030Thousand Barrels
June, 20030Thousand Barrels
May, 20030Thousand Barrels
April, 20030Thousand Barrels
March, 20030Thousand Barrels
February, 20030Thousand Barrels
January, 20030Thousand Barrels
December, 20020Thousand Barrels
November, 20020Thousand Barrels
October, 20020Thousand Barrels
September, 20020Thousand Barrels
August, 20020Thousand Barrels
July, 20020Thousand Barrels
June, 20020Thousand Barrels
May, 20020Thousand Barrels
April, 20020Thousand Barrels
March, 20020Thousand Barrels
February, 20020Thousand Barrels
January, 20020Thousand Barrels
December, 20010Thousand Barrels
November, 20010Thousand Barrels
October, 20010Thousand Barrels
September, 20010Thousand Barrels
August, 20010Thousand Barrels
July, 20010Thousand Barrels
June, 20010Thousand Barrels
May, 20010Thousand Barrels
April, 20010Thousand Barrels
March, 20010Thousand Barrels
February, 20010Thousand Barrels
January, 20010Thousand Barrels
December, 20000Thousand Barrels
November, 20000Thousand Barrels
October, 20000Thousand Barrels
September, 20000Thousand Barrels
August, 20000Thousand Barrels
July, 20000Thousand Barrels
June, 20000Thousand Barrels
May, 20000Thousand Barrels
April, 20000Thousand Barrels
March, 20000Thousand Barrels
February, 20000Thousand Barrels
January, 20000Thousand Barrels
December, 1999255Thousand Barrels
November, 19990Thousand Barrels
October, 1999269Thousand Barrels
September, 19990Thousand Barrels
August, 1999272Thousand Barrels
July, 19990Thousand Barrels
June, 1999273Thousand Barrels
May, 1999270Thousand Barrels
April, 1999269Thousand Barrels
March, 19990Thousand Barrels
February, 19990Thousand Barrels
January, 1999269Thousand Barrels
December, 1998560Thousand Barrels
November, 19980Thousand Barrels
October, 1998273Thousand Barrels
September, 19980Thousand Barrels
August, 19980Thousand Barrels
July, 19980Thousand Barrels
June, 19980Thousand Barrels
May, 19980Thousand Barrels
April, 19980Thousand Barrels
March, 19980Thousand Barrels
February, 19980Thousand Barrels
January, 1998263Thousand Barrels
December, 19970Thousand Barrels
November, 19970Thousand Barrels
October, 19970Thousand Barrels
September, 19970Thousand Barrels
August, 19970Thousand Barrels
July, 19970Thousand Barrels
June, 19970Thousand Barrels
May, 1997276Thousand Barrels
April, 19970Thousand Barrels
March, 19970Thousand Barrels
February, 1997267Thousand Barrels
January, 1997275Thousand Barrels
December, 19960Thousand Barrels
November, 1996562Thousand Barrels
October, 19960Thousand Barrels
September, 19960Thousand Barrels
August, 19960Thousand Barrels
July, 19960Thousand Barrels
June, 19960Thousand Barrels
May, 19960Thousand Barrels
April, 19960Thousand Barrels
March, 19960Thousand Barrels
February, 19960Thousand Barrels
January, 19960Thousand Barrels
December, 19950Thousand Barrels
November, 19950Thousand Barrels
October, 19950Thousand Barrels
September, 19950Thousand Barrels
August, 19950Thousand Barrels
July, 1995325Thousand Barrels