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United States Monthly Crude Oil Imports from Persian Gulf Countries

US crude oil imports measures the monthly number of barrels imported from Persian Gulf Countries to the the United States. The numbers, released by the EIA, can give an idea of the total import of crude oil to the US from Persian Gulf Countries. US Crude Oil import from Persian Gulf Countries is at a current level of 26653 thousand barrels in December, 2021
Imports in December, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in November, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in October, 2021
Thousand Barrels

United States Crude Oil Imports from Persian Gulf Countries - Historical Chart

United States Crude Oil Imports from Persian Gulf Countries

Month & YearImport/MonthUnit
December, 202126653Thousand Barrels
November, 202124232Thousand Barrels
October, 202122333Thousand Barrels
September, 202122202Thousand Barrels
August, 202123278Thousand Barrels
July, 202126031Thousand Barrels
June, 202125275Thousand Barrels
May, 202119679Thousand Barrels
April, 202119091Thousand Barrels
March, 202117535Thousand Barrels
February, 202113017Thousand Barrels
January, 202111795Thousand Barrels
December, 202010524Thousand Barrels
November, 202013686Thousand Barrels
October, 202017770Thousand Barrels
September, 202015343Thousand Barrels
August, 202015001Thousand Barrels
July, 202030014Thousand Barrels
June, 202043945Thousand Barrels
May, 202044299Thousand Barrels
April, 202018269Thousand Barrels
March, 202023929Thousand Barrels
February, 202023552Thousand Barrels
January, 202023956Thousand Barrels
December, 201929745Thousand Barrels
November, 201920552Thousand Barrels
October, 201922965Thousand Barrels
September, 201929401Thousand Barrels
August, 201924618Thousand Barrels
July, 201927602Thousand Barrels
June, 201929846Thousand Barrels
May, 201928264Thousand Barrels
April, 201928419Thousand Barrels
March, 201933961Thousand Barrels
February, 201935619Thousand Barrels
January, 201940425Thousand Barrels
December, 201838332Thousand Barrels
November, 201847012Thousand Barrels
October, 201848461Thousand Barrels
September, 201849357Thousand Barrels
August, 201849580Thousand Barrels
July, 201846171Thousand Barrels
June, 201844610Thousand Barrels
May, 201848585Thousand Barrels
April, 201856983Thousand Barrels
March, 201853877Thousand Barrels
February, 201843519Thousand Barrels
January, 201849320Thousand Barrels
December, 201745252Thousand Barrels
November, 201746643Thousand Barrels
October, 201746221Thousand Barrels
September, 201741112Thousand Barrels
August, 201741702Thousand Barrels
July, 201755665Thousand Barrels
June, 201755082Thousand Barrels
May, 201761002Thousand Barrels
April, 201763014Thousand Barrels
March, 201760644Thousand Barrels
February, 201756355Thousand Barrels
January, 201764638Thousand Barrels
December, 201658345Thousand Barrels
November, 201651065Thousand Barrels
October, 201652650Thousand Barrels
September, 201659465Thousand Barrels
August, 201656409Thousand Barrels
July, 201655721Thousand Barrels
June, 201651466Thousand Barrels
May, 201660420Thousand Barrels
April, 201651276Thousand Barrels
March, 201656422Thousand Barrels
February, 201646167Thousand Barrels
January, 201647129Thousand Barrels
December, 201554969Thousand Barrels
November, 201549847Thousand Barrels
October, 201547081Thousand Barrels
September, 201538707Thousand Barrels
August, 201538664Thousand Barrels
July, 201545852Thousand Barrels
June, 201548503Thousand Barrels
May, 201553439Thousand Barrels
April, 201545949Thousand Barrels
March, 201545437Thousand Barrels
February, 201540116Thousand Barrels
January, 201541342Thousand Barrels
December, 201440413Thousand Barrels
November, 201447505Thousand Barrels
October, 201444282Thousand Barrels
September, 201449360Thousand Barrels
August, 201455223Thousand Barrels
July, 201466510Thousand Barrels
June, 201458223Thousand Barrels
May, 201459793Thousand Barrels
April, 201468214Thousand Barrels
March, 201466091Thousand Barrels
February, 201460821Thousand Barrels
January, 201467800Thousand Barrels
December, 201368982Thousand Barrels
November, 201364299Thousand Barrels
October, 201359920Thousand Barrels
September, 201364391Thousand Barrels
August, 201366973Thousand Barrels
July, 201359730Thousand Barrels
June, 201356824Thousand Barrels
May, 201366194Thousand Barrels
April, 201354128Thousand Barrels
March, 201364686Thousand Barrels
February, 201351463Thousand Barrels
January, 201355735Thousand Barrels
December, 201254293Thousand Barrels
November, 201262995Thousand Barrels
October, 201266413Thousand Barrels
September, 201262118Thousand Barrels
August, 201264209Thousand Barrels
July, 201266765Thousand Barrels
June, 201271855Thousand Barrels
May, 201281481Thousand Barrels
April, 201267083Thousand Barrels
March, 201268478Thousand Barrels
February, 201256484Thousand Barrels
January, 201266908Thousand Barrels
December, 201159555Thousand Barrels
November, 201158331Thousand Barrels
October, 201159034Thousand Barrels
September, 201161163Thousand Barrels
August, 201159222Thousand Barrels
July, 201167191Thousand Barrels
June, 201160993Thousand Barrels
May, 201157152Thousand Barrels
April, 201151125Thousand Barrels
March, 201151672Thousand Barrels
February, 201141863Thousand Barrels
January, 201152102Thousand Barrels
December, 201048480Thousand Barrels
November, 201049869Thousand Barrels
October, 201046186Thousand Barrels
September, 201050928Thousand Barrels
August, 201051544Thousand Barrels
July, 201052045Thousand Barrels
June, 201059162Thousand Barrels
May, 201053458Thousand Barrels
April, 201060768Thousand Barrels
March, 201057116Thousand Barrels
February, 201046644Thousand Barrels
January, 201048438Thousand Barrels
December, 200942209Thousand Barrels
November, 200948170Thousand Barrels
October, 200947905Thousand Barrels
September, 200951547Thousand Barrels
August, 200944268Thousand Barrels
July, 200953622Thousand Barrels
June, 200948065Thousand Barrels
May, 200947994Thousand Barrels
April, 200952059Thousand Barrels
March, 200956512Thousand Barrels
February, 200955263Thousand Barrels
January, 200968757Thousand Barrels
December, 200868450Thousand Barrels
November, 200868482Thousand Barrels
October, 200871434Thousand Barrels
September, 200862566Thousand Barrels
August, 200875582Thousand Barrels
July, 200877729Thousand Barrels
June, 200870886Thousand Barrels
May, 200875951Thousand Barrels
April, 200869679Thousand Barrels
March, 200878071Thousand Barrels
February, 200877227Thousand Barrels
January, 200871502Thousand Barrels
December, 200769841Thousand Barrels
November, 200768431Thousand Barrels
October, 200764726Thousand Barrels
September, 200770004Thousand Barrels
August, 200767295Thousand Barrels
July, 200765061Thousand Barrels
June, 200771171Thousand Barrels
May, 200766596Thousand Barrels
April, 200765769Thousand Barrels
March, 200764247Thousand Barrels
February, 200746005Thousand Barrels
January, 200770461Thousand Barrels
December, 200664451Thousand Barrels
November, 200670160Thousand Barrels
October, 200666083Thousand Barrels
September, 200674419Thousand Barrels
August, 200671725Thousand Barrels
July, 200664423Thousand Barrels
June, 200670639Thousand Barrels
May, 200674059Thousand Barrels
April, 200670826Thousand Barrels
March, 200660692Thousand Barrels
February, 200657891Thousand Barrels
January, 200661804Thousand Barrels
December, 200567160Thousand Barrels
November, 200568826Thousand Barrels
October, 200571885Thousand Barrels
September, 200563887Thousand Barrels
August, 200568009Thousand Barrels
July, 200581291Thousand Barrels
June, 200572086Thousand Barrels
May, 200577428Thousand Barrels
April, 200568387Thousand Barrels
March, 200574765Thousand Barrels
February, 200564938Thousand Barrels
January, 200573193Thousand Barrels
December, 200474470Thousand Barrels
November, 200480626Thousand Barrels
October, 200479432Thousand Barrels
September, 200482913Thousand Barrels
August, 200490762Thousand Barrels
July, 200478446Thousand Barrels
June, 200471447Thousand Barrels
May, 200477049Thousand Barrels
April, 200469984Thousand Barrels
March, 200474623Thousand Barrels
February, 200461118Thousand Barrels
January, 200471577Thousand Barrels
December, 200371672Thousand Barrels
November, 200377585Thousand Barrels
October, 200372941Thousand Barrels
September, 200371904Thousand Barrels
August, 200357312Thousand Barrels
July, 200367259Thousand Barrels
June, 200369818Thousand Barrels
May, 200382744Thousand Barrels
April, 200394448Thousand Barrels
March, 200387366Thousand Barrels
February, 200374919Thousand Barrels
January, 200384781Thousand Barrels
December, 200275928Thousand Barrels
November, 200266673Thousand Barrels
October, 200267497Thousand Barrels
September, 200261546Thousand Barrels
August, 200258996Thousand Barrels
July, 200261960Thousand Barrels
June, 200262705Thousand Barrels
May, 200269383Thousand Barrels
April, 200271992Thousand Barrels
March, 200279223Thousand Barrels
February, 200269539Thousand Barrels
January, 200282784Thousand Barrels
December, 200182193Thousand Barrels
November, 200179097Thousand Barrels
October, 200188574Thousand Barrels
September, 200190830Thousand Barrels
August, 200183558Thousand Barrels
July, 200184808Thousand Barrels
June, 200187022Thousand Barrels
May, 200196735Thousand Barrels
April, 200187129Thousand Barrels
March, 200183664Thousand Barrels
February, 200166562Thousand Barrels
January, 200177635Thousand Barrels
December, 200086530Thousand Barrels
November, 200074448Thousand Barrels
October, 200077614Thousand Barrels
September, 200084807Thousand Barrels
August, 200087562Thousand Barrels
July, 200080973Thousand Barrels
June, 200077582Thousand Barrels
May, 200068752Thousand Barrels
April, 200072002Thousand Barrels
March, 200068331Thousand Barrels
February, 200068507Thousand Barrels
January, 200063490Thousand Barrels
December, 199972253Thousand Barrels
November, 199970085Thousand Barrels
October, 199976891Thousand Barrels
September, 199973720Thousand Barrels
August, 199977942Thousand Barrels
July, 199975248Thousand Barrels
June, 199977694Thousand Barrels
May, 199976863Thousand Barrels
April, 199979002Thousand Barrels
March, 199986823Thousand Barrels
February, 199966734Thousand Barrels
January, 199965986Thousand Barrels
December, 199865608Thousand Barrels
November, 199864578Thousand Barrels
October, 199868013Thousand Barrels
September, 199871479Thousand Barrels
August, 199877052Thousand Barrels
July, 199872895Thousand Barrels
June, 199866212Thousand Barrels
May, 199859379Thousand Barrels
April, 199863326Thousand Barrels
March, 199864059Thousand Barrels
February, 199851117Thousand Barrels
January, 199855909Thousand Barrels
December, 199754392Thousand Barrels
November, 199752446Thousand Barrels
October, 199759495Thousand Barrels
September, 199757618Thousand Barrels
August, 199757834Thousand Barrels
July, 199754120Thousand Barrels
June, 199753430Thousand Barrels
May, 199752889Thousand Barrels
April, 199756307Thousand Barrels
March, 199750870Thousand Barrels
February, 199742921Thousand Barrels
January, 199748148Thousand Barrels
December, 199651931Thousand Barrels
November, 199645742Thousand Barrels
October, 199650671Thousand Barrels
September, 199647727Thousand Barrels
August, 199654169Thousand Barrels
July, 199656375Thousand Barrels
June, 199646105Thousand Barrels
May, 199654177Thousand Barrels
April, 199645165Thousand Barrels
March, 199648030Thousand Barrels
February, 199638977Thousand Barrels
January, 199647934Thousand Barrels
December, 199549383Thousand Barrels
November, 199550296Thousand Barrels
October, 199547248Thousand Barrels
September, 199550719Thousand Barrels
August, 199547761Thousand Barrels
July, 199545253Thousand Barrels
June, 199546743Thousand Barrels
May, 199546182Thousand Barrels
April, 199546395Thousand Barrels
March, 199555414Thousand Barrels
February, 199543395Thousand Barrels
January, 199545243Thousand Barrels
December, 199455199Thousand Barrels
November, 199451785Thousand Barrels
October, 199455909Thousand Barrels
September, 199456624Thousand Barrels
August, 199451729Thousand Barrels
July, 199456164Thousand Barrels
June, 199449510Thousand Barrels
May, 199455815Thousand Barrels
April, 199455544Thousand Barrels
March, 199450115Thousand Barrels
February, 199441813Thousand Barrels
January, 199450524Thousand Barrels
December, 199356230Thousand Barrels
November, 199353020Thousand Barrels
October, 199350975Thousand Barrels
September, 199353228Thousand Barrels
August, 199350174Thousand Barrels
July, 199351800Thousand Barrels
June, 199355218Thousand Barrels
May, 199355961Thousand Barrels
April, 199358205Thousand Barrels
March, 199356132Thousand Barrels
February, 199352558Thousand Barrels
January, 199356772Thousand Barrels


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