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United States Monthly Crude Oil Imports from Gabon

US crude oil imports measures the monthly number of barrels imported from Gabon to the the United States. The numbers, released by the EIA, can give an idea of the total import of crude oil to the US from Gabon. US Crude Oil import from Gabon is at a current level of 60 thousand barrels in May, 2021
Imports in May, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in April, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in March, 2021
Thousand Barrels

United States Crude Oil Imports from Gabon - Historical Chart

United States Crude Oil Imports from Gabon

Month & YearImport/MonthUnit
May, 202160Thousand Barrels
April, 20210Thousand Barrels
March, 202137Thousand Barrels
February, 202119Thousand Barrels
January, 202111Thousand Barrels
December, 20200Thousand Barrels
November, 20200Thousand Barrels
October, 20200Thousand Barrels
September, 20200Thousand Barrels
August, 20200Thousand Barrels
July, 20200Thousand Barrels
June, 20200Thousand Barrels
May, 20200Thousand Barrels
April, 20200Thousand Barrels
March, 20200Thousand Barrels
February, 20200Thousand Barrels
January, 20200Thousand Barrels
December, 20190Thousand Barrels
November, 20190Thousand Barrels
October, 20190Thousand Barrels
September, 20190Thousand Barrels
August, 20190Thousand Barrels
July, 20190Thousand Barrels
June, 20190Thousand Barrels
May, 20190Thousand Barrels
April, 20190Thousand Barrels
March, 20190Thousand Barrels
February, 20190Thousand Barrels
January, 20190Thousand Barrels
December, 20180Thousand Barrels
November, 20180Thousand Barrels
October, 20180Thousand Barrels
September, 20180Thousand Barrels
August, 20180Thousand Barrels
July, 2018452Thousand Barrels
June, 20180Thousand Barrels
May, 2018945Thousand Barrels
April, 20180Thousand Barrels
March, 20180Thousand Barrels
February, 2018398Thousand Barrels
January, 20180Thousand Barrels
December, 20170Thousand Barrels
November, 20170Thousand Barrels
October, 2017629Thousand Barrels
September, 20170Thousand Barrels
August, 20171065Thousand Barrels
July, 20170Thousand Barrels
June, 2017437Thousand Barrels
May, 201791Thousand Barrels
April, 20170Thousand Barrels
March, 20170Thousand Barrels
February, 20170Thousand Barrels
January, 20170Thousand Barrels
December, 201665Thousand Barrels
November, 20160Thousand Barrels
October, 20160Thousand Barrels
September, 2016439Thousand Barrels
August, 20160Thousand Barrels
July, 20160Thousand Barrels
June, 2016158Thousand Barrels
May, 20160Thousand Barrels
April, 20160Thousand Barrels
March, 2016200Thousand Barrels
February, 2016195Thousand Barrels
January, 20160Thousand Barrels
December, 2015668Thousand Barrels
November, 20150Thousand Barrels
October, 2015947Thousand Barrels
September, 2015560Thousand Barrels
August, 2015267Thousand Barrels
July, 2015764Thousand Barrels
June, 2015108Thousand Barrels
May, 2015214Thousand Barrels
April, 20150Thousand Barrels
March, 2015951Thousand Barrels
February, 20150Thousand Barrels
January, 20150Thousand Barrels
December, 20140Thousand Barrels
November, 20140Thousand Barrels
October, 20141020Thousand Barrels
September, 2014649Thousand Barrels
August, 2014650Thousand Barrels
July, 2014869Thousand Barrels
June, 20140Thousand Barrels
May, 2014721Thousand Barrels
April, 2014491Thousand Barrels
March, 2014758Thousand Barrels
February, 20141373Thousand Barrels
January, 20140Thousand Barrels
December, 2013550Thousand Barrels
November, 20130Thousand Barrels
October, 2013648Thousand Barrels
September, 20131194Thousand Barrels
August, 20131723Thousand Barrels
July, 20132094Thousand Barrels
June, 2013717Thousand Barrels
May, 20131185Thousand Barrels
April, 2013738Thousand Barrels
March, 2013102Thousand Barrels
February, 201340Thousand Barrels
January, 20132Thousand Barrels
December, 201250Thousand Barrels
November, 20121553Thousand Barrels
October, 20123561Thousand Barrels
September, 20122470Thousand Barrels
August, 20121641Thousand Barrels
July, 20121411Thousand Barrels
June, 20121341Thousand Barrels
May, 20121365Thousand Barrels
April, 20121247Thousand Barrels
March, 2012299Thousand Barrels
February, 2012472Thousand Barrels
January, 2012476Thousand Barrels
December, 20111332Thousand Barrels
November, 2011744Thousand Barrels
October, 2011451Thousand Barrels
September, 2011528Thousand Barrels
August, 2011406Thousand Barrels
July, 20111827Thousand Barrels
June, 20111306Thousand Barrels
May, 20111293Thousand Barrels
April, 20111048Thousand Barrels
March, 20112608Thousand Barrels
February, 2011676Thousand Barrels
January, 2011338Thousand Barrels
December, 20101448Thousand Barrels
November, 2010957Thousand Barrels
October, 20103134Thousand Barrels
September, 20102139Thousand Barrels
August, 20102284Thousand Barrels
July, 2010995Thousand Barrels
June, 20100Thousand Barrels
May, 20101513Thousand Barrels
April, 2010958Thousand Barrels
March, 20101679Thousand Barrels
February, 2010960Thousand Barrels
January, 2010955Thousand Barrels
December, 20091037Thousand Barrels
November, 20091430Thousand Barrels
October, 2009960Thousand Barrels
September, 2009956Thousand Barrels
August, 20092004Thousand Barrels
July, 20091441Thousand Barrels
June, 20092464Thousand Barrels
May, 20092148Thousand Barrels
April, 20091278Thousand Barrels
March, 20093349Thousand Barrels
February, 20092488Thousand Barrels
January, 20093707Thousand Barrels
December, 20082177Thousand Barrels
November, 20082418Thousand Barrels
October, 20081075Thousand Barrels
September, 20083197Thousand Barrels
August, 20082128Thousand Barrels
July, 20082659Thousand Barrels
June, 2008122Thousand Barrels
May, 2008914Thousand Barrels
April, 20081824Thousand Barrels
March, 20081952Thousand Barrels
February, 2008957Thousand Barrels
January, 20082007Thousand Barrels
December, 20071475Thousand Barrels
November, 20072090Thousand Barrels
October, 20071474Thousand Barrels
September, 2007899Thousand Barrels
August, 20071917Thousand Barrels
July, 20071964Thousand Barrels
June, 20073053Thousand Barrels
May, 20073463Thousand Barrels
April, 20072759Thousand Barrels
March, 20071523Thousand Barrels
February, 20071006Thousand Barrels
January, 20071954Thousand Barrels
December, 20062321Thousand Barrels
November, 20061904Thousand Barrels
October, 20061721Thousand Barrels
September, 20062474Thousand Barrels
August, 20062246Thousand Barrels
July, 20061657Thousand Barrels
June, 20062681Thousand Barrels
May, 2006452Thousand Barrels
April, 2006981Thousand Barrels
March, 20062504Thousand Barrels
February, 2006945Thousand Barrels
January, 20061887Thousand Barrels
December, 20054295Thousand Barrels
November, 20051987Thousand Barrels
October, 20053892Thousand Barrels
September, 20055798Thousand Barrels
August, 20055037Thousand Barrels
July, 20053839Thousand Barrels
June, 20051912Thousand Barrels
May, 20053381Thousand Barrels
April, 20051915Thousand Barrels
March, 20056074Thousand Barrels
February, 20053929Thousand Barrels
January, 20054480Thousand Barrels
December, 20047231Thousand Barrels
November, 20043470Thousand Barrels
October, 20047306Thousand Barrels
September, 20042820Thousand Barrels
August, 20042023Thousand Barrels
July, 20043612Thousand Barrels
June, 20045839Thousand Barrels
May, 20043600Thousand Barrels
April, 20045067Thousand Barrels
March, 20043358Thousand Barrels
February, 20044714Thousand Barrels
January, 20043021Thousand Barrels
December, 20034990Thousand Barrels
November, 20034247Thousand Barrels
October, 20034369Thousand Barrels
September, 20033069Thousand Barrels
August, 20034471Thousand Barrels
July, 20033028Thousand Barrels
June, 20034213Thousand Barrels
May, 20034000Thousand Barrels
April, 20034039Thousand Barrels
March, 20033031Thousand Barrels
February, 20034714Thousand Barrels
January, 20033499Thousand Barrels
December, 20022727Thousand Barrels
November, 20023823Thousand Barrels
October, 20022740Thousand Barrels
September, 20024923Thousand Barrels
August, 20025255Thousand Barrels
July, 20026400Thousand Barrels
June, 20023676Thousand Barrels
May, 20025821Thousand Barrels
April, 20024911Thousand Barrels
March, 20023833Thousand Barrels
February, 20021716Thousand Barrels
January, 20026383Thousand Barrels
December, 20014937Thousand Barrels
November, 20015191Thousand Barrels
October, 20014217Thousand Barrels
September, 20012582Thousand Barrels
August, 20013045Thousand Barrels
July, 20014613Thousand Barrels
June, 20014658Thousand Barrels
May, 20013936Thousand Barrels
April, 20015307Thousand Barrels
March, 20014726Thousand Barrels
February, 20014949Thousand Barrels
January, 20012904Thousand Barrels
December, 20004001Thousand Barrels
November, 20005425Thousand Barrels
October, 20005093Thousand Barrels
September, 20005462Thousand Barrels
August, 20003283Thousand Barrels
July, 20003256Thousand Barrels
June, 20002625Thousand Barrels
May, 20004818Thousand Barrels
April, 20005171Thousand Barrels
March, 20004212Thousand Barrels
February, 20004491Thousand Barrels
January, 20004651Thousand Barrels
December, 19996683Thousand Barrels
November, 19995707Thousand Barrels
October, 19995757Thousand Barrels
September, 19994776Thousand Barrels
August, 19992931Thousand Barrels
July, 19994337Thousand Barrels
June, 19992750Thousand Barrels
May, 19995888Thousand Barrels
April, 19998079Thousand Barrels
March, 19993440Thousand Barrels
February, 19994895Thousand Barrels
January, 19996004Thousand Barrels
December, 19986806Thousand Barrels
November, 19988106Thousand Barrels
October, 19983572Thousand Barrels
September, 19986047Thousand Barrels
August, 19983655Thousand Barrels
July, 19986547Thousand Barrels
June, 19983789Thousand Barrels
May, 19986028Thousand Barrels
April, 19987332Thousand Barrels
March, 19987279Thousand Barrels
February, 19987785Thousand Barrels
January, 19988597Thousand Barrels
December, 19978931Thousand Barrels
November, 19977676Thousand Barrels
October, 19977297Thousand Barrels
September, 19978141Thousand Barrels
August, 19976308Thousand Barrels
July, 199710381Thousand Barrels
June, 19976773Thousand Barrels
May, 19976520Thousand Barrels
April, 19976096Thousand Barrels
March, 19976724Thousand Barrels
February, 19977327Thousand Barrels
January, 19971935Thousand Barrels
December, 19965689Thousand Barrels
November, 19967582Thousand Barrels
October, 19967013Thousand Barrels
September, 19963126Thousand Barrels
August, 19964834Thousand Barrels
July, 19965924Thousand Barrels
June, 19966539Thousand Barrels
May, 19964786Thousand Barrels
April, 19966358Thousand Barrels
March, 19964777Thousand Barrels
February, 19965534Thousand Barrels
January, 19965313Thousand Barrels
December, 19955287Thousand Barrels
November, 19958131Thousand Barrels
October, 19958373Thousand Barrels
September, 19956482Thousand Barrels
August, 19957621Thousand Barrels
July, 19959626Thousand Barrels
June, 199510709Thousand Barrels
May, 19956394Thousand Barrels
April, 19954901Thousand Barrels
March, 19954931Thousand Barrels
February, 19955200Thousand Barrels
January, 19955987Thousand Barrels
December, 19944772Thousand Barrels
November, 19947618Thousand Barrels
October, 19947273Thousand Barrels
September, 19945833Thousand Barrels
August, 19944397Thousand Barrels
July, 19946687Thousand Barrels
June, 19946694Thousand Barrels
May, 19945784Thousand Barrels
April, 19948653Thousand Barrels
March, 19942807Thousand Barrels
February, 19945928Thousand Barrels
January, 19944471Thousand Barrels
December, 19935934Thousand Barrels
November, 19934294Thousand Barrels
October, 19937491Thousand Barrels
September, 19936315Thousand Barrels
August, 19934711Thousand Barrels
July, 19935205Thousand Barrels
June, 19933199Thousand Barrels
May, 19935253Thousand Barrels
April, 19933802Thousand Barrels
March, 19933921Thousand Barrels
February, 19932467Thousand Barrels
January, 19932805Thousand Barrels


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