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United States Monthly Crude Oil Imports from Saudi Arabia

US crude oil imports measures the monthly number of barrels imported from Saudi Arabia to the the United States. The numbers, released by the EIA, can give an idea of the total import of crude oil to the US from Saudi Arabia. US Crude Oil import from Saudi Arabia is at a current level of 17039 thousand barrels in December, 2021
Imports in December, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in November, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in October, 2021
Thousand Barrels

United States Crude Oil Imports from Saudi Arabia - Historical Chart

United States Crude Oil Imports from Saudi Arabia

Month & YearImport/MonthUnit
December, 202117039Thousand Barrels
November, 202116640Thousand Barrels
October, 202112997Thousand Barrels
September, 202116395Thousand Barrels
August, 202114599Thousand Barrels
July, 202114016Thousand Barrels
June, 202117282Thousand Barrels
May, 202112240Thousand Barrels
April, 20219924Thousand Barrels
March, 202110868Thousand Barrels
February, 20217513Thousand Barrels
January, 20217362Thousand Barrels
December, 20205901Thousand Barrels
November, 20208580Thousand Barrels
October, 20208676Thousand Barrels
September, 202010980Thousand Barrels
August, 20208471Thousand Barrels
July, 202022271Thousand Barrels
June, 202036630Thousand Barrels
May, 202035905Thousand Barrels
April, 202012881Thousand Barrels
March, 202013808Thousand Barrels
February, 202014194Thousand Barrels
January, 202012632Thousand Barrels
December, 201914560Thousand Barrels
November, 201910662Thousand Barrels
October, 201913766Thousand Barrels
September, 201913727Thousand Barrels
August, 201914299Thousand Barrels
July, 201914060Thousand Barrels
June, 201917358Thousand Barrels
May, 201914334Thousand Barrels
April, 201917496Thousand Barrels
March, 201920645Thousand Barrels
February, 201918569Thousand Barrels
January, 201924080Thousand Barrels
December, 201828823Thousand Barrels
November, 201830028Thousand Barrels
October, 201834342Thousand Barrels
September, 201831296Thousand Barrels
August, 201832220Thousand Barrels
July, 201827143Thousand Barrels
June, 201825419Thousand Barrels
May, 201827039Thousand Barrels
April, 201827115Thousand Barrels
March, 201823565Thousand Barrels
February, 201818679Thousand Barrels
January, 201823067Thousand Barrels
December, 201722302Thousand Barrels
November, 201723399Thousand Barrels
October, 201718321Thousand Barrels
September, 201720272Thousand Barrels
August, 201722922Thousand Barrels
July, 201724637Thousand Barrels
June, 201731347Thousand Barrels
May, 201735086Thousand Barrels
April, 201734812Thousand Barrels
March, 201736351Thousand Barrels
February, 201737476Thousand Barrels
January, 201741696Thousand Barrels
December, 201631443Thousand Barrels
November, 201630076Thousand Barrels
October, 201631781Thousand Barrels
September, 201636315Thousand Barrels
August, 201635559Thousand Barrels
July, 201632633Thousand Barrels
June, 201633105Thousand Barrels
May, 201636313Thousand Barrels
April, 201634618Thousand Barrels
March, 201640581Thousand Barrels
February, 201629827Thousand Barrels
January, 201632674Thousand Barrels
December, 201534767Thousand Barrels
November, 201537073Thousand Barrels
October, 201530480Thousand Barrels
September, 201525876Thousand Barrels
August, 201531166Thousand Barrels
July, 201536806Thousand Barrels
June, 201532324Thousand Barrels
May, 201537518Thousand Barrels
April, 201536147Thousand Barrels
March, 201532472Thousand Barrels
February, 201526458Thousand Barrels
January, 201525418Thousand Barrels
December, 201425190Thousand Barrels
November, 201430421Thousand Barrels
October, 201425741Thousand Barrels
September, 201430157Thousand Barrels
August, 201427802Thousand Barrels
July, 201438198Thousand Barrels
June, 201430504Thousand Barrels
May, 201438476Thousand Barrels
April, 201448218Thousand Barrels
March, 201444765Thousand Barrels
February, 201440986Thousand Barrels
January, 201445311Thousand Barrels
December, 201347110Thousand Barrels
November, 201346893Thousand Barrels
October, 201342211Thousand Barrels
September, 201346701Thousand Barrels
August, 201341290Thousand Barrels
July, 201340870Thousand Barrels
June, 201342928Thousand Barrels
May, 201344632Thousand Barrels
April, 201333269Thousand Barrels
March, 201339796Thousand Barrels
February, 201328887Thousand Barrels
January, 201330347Thousand Barrels
December, 201232052Thousand Barrels
November, 201239487Thousand Barrels
October, 201239011Thousand Barrels
September, 201238744Thousand Barrels
August, 201237816Thousand Barrels
July, 201245448Thousand Barrels
June, 201243683Thousand Barrels
May, 201247730Thousand Barrels
April, 201247901Thousand Barrels
March, 201242439Thousand Barrels
February, 201241181Thousand Barrels
January, 201244103Thousand Barrels
December, 201140605Thousand Barrels
November, 201136658Thousand Barrels
October, 201134714Thousand Barrels
September, 201144370Thousand Barrels
August, 201133331Thousand Barrels
July, 201141110Thousand Barrels
June, 201135059Thousand Barrels
May, 201137290Thousand Barrels
April, 201133204Thousand Barrels
March, 201134356Thousand Barrels
February, 201131197Thousand Barrels
January, 201134126Thousand Barrels
December, 201033896Thousand Barrels
November, 201034573Thousand Barrels
October, 201035073Thousand Barrels
September, 201032804Thousand Barrels
August, 201035078Thousand Barrels
July, 201032641Thousand Barrels
June, 201033743Thousand Barrels
May, 201033994Thousand Barrels
April, 201037706Thousand Barrels
March, 201035615Thousand Barrels
February, 201025148Thousand Barrels
January, 201029856Thousand Barrels
December, 200927180Thousand Barrels
November, 200925737Thousand Barrels
October, 200929233Thousand Barrels
September, 200931340Thousand Barrels
August, 200922585Thousand Barrels
July, 200932430Thousand Barrels
June, 200928759Thousand Barrels
May, 200934150Thousand Barrels
April, 200931698Thousand Barrels
March, 200929981Thousand Barrels
February, 200931290Thousand Barrels
January, 200942222Thousand Barrels
December, 200845599Thousand Barrels
November, 200845428Thousand Barrels
October, 200846104Thousand Barrels
September, 200842942Thousand Barrels
August, 200848759Thousand Barrels
July, 200852389Thousand Barrels
June, 200843924Thousand Barrels
May, 200849719Thousand Barrels
April, 200843867Thousand Barrels
March, 200847806Thousand Barrels
February, 200846632Thousand Barrels
January, 200846581Thousand Barrels
December, 200752271Thousand Barrels
November, 200748595Thousand Barrels
October, 200743744Thousand Barrels
September, 200746798Thousand Barrels
August, 200746463Thousand Barrels
July, 200744529Thousand Barrels
June, 200746009Thousand Barrels
May, 200750020Thousand Barrels
April, 200744628Thousand Barrels
March, 200738557Thousand Barrels
February, 200732573Thousand Barrels
January, 200747800Thousand Barrels
December, 200646229Thousand Barrels
November, 200645218Thousand Barrels
October, 200642856Thousand Barrels
September, 200646918Thousand Barrels
August, 200646933Thousand Barrels
July, 200640712Thousand Barrels
June, 200645866Thousand Barrels
May, 200646241Thousand Barrels
April, 200647836Thousand Barrels
March, 200642272Thousand Barrels
February, 200640630Thousand Barrels
January, 200642432Thousand Barrels
December, 200545626Thousand Barrels
November, 200541099Thousand Barrels
October, 200541884Thousand Barrels
September, 200541689Thousand Barrels
August, 200549274Thousand Barrels
July, 200552453Thousand Barrels
June, 200547891Thousand Barrels
May, 200548992Thousand Barrels
April, 200545425Thousand Barrels
March, 200551169Thousand Barrels
February, 200544064Thousand Barrels
January, 200551257Thousand Barrels
December, 200446547Thousand Barrels
November, 200451198Thousand Barrels
October, 200451022Thousand Barrels
September, 200451964Thousand Barrels
August, 200457801Thousand Barrels
July, 200451295Thousand Barrels
June, 200444940Thousand Barrels
May, 200447093Thousand Barrels
April, 200435301Thousand Barrels
March, 200447472Thousand Barrels
February, 200439712Thousand Barrels
January, 200445792Thousand Barrels
December, 200343700Thousand Barrels
November, 200350416Thousand Barrels
October, 200344966Thousand Barrels
September, 200352463Thousand Barrels
August, 200347581Thousand Barrels
July, 200358896Thousand Barrels
June, 200360054Thousand Barrels
May, 200371461Thousand Barrels
April, 200362085Thousand Barrels
March, 200358466Thousand Barrels
February, 200340512Thousand Barrels
January, 200357066Thousand Barrels
December, 200257139Thousand Barrels
November, 200245335Thousand Barrels
October, 200252389Thousand Barrels
September, 200245931Thousand Barrels
August, 200244779Thousand Barrels
July, 200243163Thousand Barrels
June, 200247929Thousand Barrels
May, 200248470Thousand Barrels
April, 200246688Thousand Barrels
March, 200248306Thousand Barrels
February, 200241259Thousand Barrels
January, 200245124Thousand Barrels
December, 200142456Thousand Barrels
November, 200146280Thousand Barrels
October, 200144393Thousand Barrels
September, 200144344Thousand Barrels
August, 200156894Thousand Barrels
July, 200153106Thousand Barrels
June, 200152918Thousand Barrels
May, 200154885Thousand Barrels
April, 200149743Thousand Barrels
March, 200155427Thousand Barrels
February, 200150397Thousand Barrels
January, 200155910Thousand Barrels
December, 200058807Thousand Barrels
November, 200048726Thousand Barrels
October, 200046455Thousand Barrels
September, 200050066Thousand Barrels
August, 200051122Thousand Barrels
July, 200048167Thousand Barrels
June, 200045365Thousand Barrels
May, 200048554Thousand Barrels
April, 200043982Thousand Barrels
March, 200047993Thousand Barrels
February, 200038204Thousand Barrels
January, 200047833Thousand Barrels
December, 199945106Thousand Barrels
November, 199941887Thousand Barrels
October, 199941954Thousand Barrels
September, 199943234Thousand Barrels
August, 199945694Thousand Barrels
July, 199944531Thousand Barrels
June, 199946155Thousand Barrels
May, 199946559Thousand Barrels
April, 199944463Thousand Barrels
March, 199951206Thousand Barrels
February, 199941922Thousand Barrels
January, 199946851Thousand Barrels
December, 199843472Thousand Barrels
November, 199841587Thousand Barrels
October, 199840807Thousand Barrels
September, 199848193Thousand Barrels
August, 199846498Thousand Barrels
July, 199850069Thousand Barrels
June, 199849405Thousand Barrels
May, 199842233Thousand Barrels
April, 199845797Thousand Barrels
March, 199848116Thousand Barrels
February, 199841147Thousand Barrels
January, 199846977Thousand Barrels
December, 199740652Thousand Barrels
November, 199739226Thousand Barrels
October, 199742702Thousand Barrels
September, 199747969Thousand Barrels
August, 199750723Thousand Barrels
July, 199740688Thousand Barrels
June, 199738981Thousand Barrels
May, 199745737Thousand Barrels
April, 199747180Thousand Barrels
March, 199740045Thousand Barrels
February, 199738117Thousand Barrels
January, 199741673Thousand Barrels
December, 199643387Thousand Barrels
November, 199638899Thousand Barrels
October, 199642072Thousand Barrels
September, 199640650Thousand Barrels
August, 199645775Thousand Barrels
July, 199647979Thousand Barrels
June, 199634145Thousand Barrels
May, 199647059Thousand Barrels
April, 199638626Thousand Barrels
March, 199644078Thousand Barrels
February, 199632725Thousand Barrels
January, 199643335Thousand Barrels
December, 199542713Thousand Barrels
November, 199542858Thousand Barrels
October, 199539068Thousand Barrels
September, 199544223Thousand Barrels
August, 199541554Thousand Barrels
July, 199539223Thousand Barrels
June, 199538597Thousand Barrels
May, 199539725Thousand Barrels
April, 199541261Thousand Barrels
March, 199547597Thousand Barrels
February, 199533076Thousand Barrels
January, 199540592Thousand Barrels
December, 199447300Thousand Barrels
November, 199444306Thousand Barrels
October, 199449616Thousand Barrels
September, 199444582Thousand Barrels
August, 199442247Thousand Barrels
July, 199443824Thousand Barrels
June, 199441855Thousand Barrels
May, 199444579Thousand Barrels
April, 199447592Thousand Barrels
March, 199435102Thousand Barrels
February, 199429975Thousand Barrels
January, 199440933Thousand Barrels
December, 199341226Thousand Barrels
November, 199338415Thousand Barrels
October, 199334552Thousand Barrels
September, 199339880Thousand Barrels
August, 199335691Thousand Barrels
July, 199339781Thousand Barrels
June, 199346189Thousand Barrels
May, 199347249Thousand Barrels
April, 199349323Thousand Barrels
March, 199345859Thousand Barrels
February, 199345531Thousand Barrels
January, 199352313Thousand Barrels


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