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United States Monthly Crude Oil Imports from Bahrain

US crude oil imports measures the monthly number of barrels imported from Bahrain to the the United States. The numbers, released by the EIA, can give an idea of the total import of crude oil to the US from Bahrain. US Crude Oil import from Bahrain is at a current level of 94 thousand barrels in December, 2021
Imports in December, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in November, 2021
Thousand Barrels
Imports in October, 2021
Thousand Barrels

United States Crude Oil Imports from Bahrain - Historical Chart

United States Crude Oil Imports from Bahrain

Month & YearImport/MonthUnit
December, 202194Thousand Barrels
November, 202172Thousand Barrels
October, 20210Thousand Barrels
September, 202175Thousand Barrels
August, 2021120Thousand Barrels
July, 20210Thousand Barrels
June, 2021298Thousand Barrels
May, 2021207Thousand Barrels
April, 202185Thousand Barrels
March, 2021414Thousand Barrels
February, 202130Thousand Barrels
January, 202156Thousand Barrels
December, 20200Thousand Barrels
November, 202053Thousand Barrels
October, 202075Thousand Barrels
September, 20200Thousand Barrels
August, 202011Thousand Barrels
July, 20200Thousand Barrels
June, 20200Thousand Barrels
May, 202079Thousand Barrels
April, 20200Thousand Barrels
March, 20200Thousand Barrels
February, 2020124Thousand Barrels
January, 202073Thousand Barrels
December, 201968Thousand Barrels
November, 201932Thousand Barrels
October, 201998Thousand Barrels
September, 201960Thousand Barrels
August, 20190Thousand Barrels
July, 2019118Thousand Barrels
June, 201947Thousand Barrels
May, 2019108Thousand Barrels
April, 2019132Thousand Barrels
March, 20194Thousand Barrels
February, 20190Thousand Barrels
January, 2019143Thousand Barrels
December, 201862Thousand Barrels
November, 201885Thousand Barrels
October, 201861Thousand Barrels
September, 2018116Thousand Barrels
August, 2018191Thousand Barrels
July, 201870Thousand Barrels
June, 201872Thousand Barrels
May, 201878Thousand Barrels
April, 2018138Thousand Barrels
March, 2018102Thousand Barrels
February, 20180Thousand Barrels
January, 201862Thousand Barrels
December, 201780Thousand Barrels
November, 20170Thousand Barrels
October, 20170Thousand Barrels
September, 20170Thousand Barrels
August, 2017120Thousand Barrels
July, 201745Thousand Barrels
June, 2017127Thousand Barrels
May, 20170Thousand Barrels
April, 2017218Thousand Barrels
March, 20170Thousand Barrels
February, 201762Thousand Barrels
January, 201793Thousand Barrels
December, 201643Thousand Barrels
November, 201654Thousand Barrels
October, 201669Thousand Barrels
September, 201680Thousand Barrels
August, 201663Thousand Barrels
July, 2016124Thousand Barrels
June, 20160Thousand Barrels
May, 2016135Thousand Barrels
April, 2016138Thousand Barrels
March, 201634Thousand Barrels
February, 201695Thousand Barrels
January, 201615Thousand Barrels
December, 201577Thousand Barrels
November, 20150Thousand Barrels
October, 201584Thousand Barrels
September, 201582Thousand Barrels
August, 20150Thousand Barrels
July, 2015137Thousand Barrels
June, 201568Thousand Barrels
May, 201561Thousand Barrels
April, 201568Thousand Barrels
March, 2015152Thousand Barrels
February, 201530Thousand Barrels
January, 2015107Thousand Barrels
December, 201468Thousand Barrels
November, 201468Thousand Barrels
October, 201467Thousand Barrels
September, 201468Thousand Barrels
August, 201456Thousand Barrels
July, 201459Thousand Barrels
June, 201475Thousand Barrels
May, 201453Thousand Barrels
April, 201468Thousand Barrels
March, 2014114Thousand Barrels
February, 20141121Thousand Barrels
January, 201438Thousand Barrels
December, 201385Thousand Barrels
November, 201345Thousand Barrels
October, 201319Thousand Barrels
September, 201392Thousand Barrels
August, 201364Thousand Barrels
July, 20130Thousand Barrels
June, 201349Thousand Barrels
May, 2013135Thousand Barrels
April, 201345Thousand Barrels
March, 201363Thousand Barrels
February, 201339Thousand Barrels
January, 201323Thousand Barrels
December, 201249Thousand Barrels
November, 201230Thousand Barrels
October, 20120Thousand Barrels
September, 201260Thousand Barrels
August, 20120Thousand Barrels
July, 201260Thousand Barrels
June, 2012120Thousand Barrels
May, 20120Thousand Barrels
April, 201262Thousand Barrels
March, 20120Thousand Barrels
February, 2012155Thousand Barrels
January, 201267Thousand Barrels
December, 20110Thousand Barrels
November, 20110Thousand Barrels
October, 20110Thousand Barrels
September, 20110Thousand Barrels
August, 20110Thousand Barrels
July, 20110Thousand Barrels
June, 20110Thousand Barrels
May, 20110Thousand Barrels
April, 20110Thousand Barrels
March, 20110Thousand Barrels
February, 20110Thousand Barrels
January, 20110Thousand Barrels
December, 20100Thousand Barrels
November, 20100Thousand Barrels
October, 20100Thousand Barrels
September, 20100Thousand Barrels
August, 20100Thousand Barrels
July, 20100Thousand Barrels
June, 20100Thousand Barrels
May, 20100Thousand Barrels
April, 20100Thousand Barrels
March, 20100Thousand Barrels
February, 20100Thousand Barrels
January, 20100Thousand Barrels
December, 20090Thousand Barrels
November, 20090Thousand Barrels
October, 20090Thousand Barrels
September, 20090Thousand Barrels
August, 20090Thousand Barrels
July, 20090Thousand Barrels
June, 20090Thousand Barrels
May, 2009374Thousand Barrels
April, 20090Thousand Barrels
March, 20090Thousand Barrels
February, 20090Thousand Barrels
January, 2009249Thousand Barrels
December, 20080Thousand Barrels
November, 20080Thousand Barrels
October, 20080Thousand Barrels
September, 20080Thousand Barrels
August, 20080Thousand Barrels
July, 20080Thousand Barrels
June, 20080Thousand Barrels
May, 20080Thousand Barrels
April, 20080Thousand Barrels
March, 20080Thousand Barrels
February, 20080Thousand Barrels
January, 20080Thousand Barrels
December, 20070Thousand Barrels
November, 20070Thousand Barrels
October, 20070Thousand Barrels
September, 20070Thousand Barrels
August, 2007312Thousand Barrels
July, 20070Thousand Barrels
June, 20070Thousand Barrels
May, 20070Thousand Barrels
April, 20070Thousand Barrels
March, 20070Thousand Barrels
February, 20074Thousand Barrels
January, 20071Thousand Barrels
December, 20060Thousand Barrels
November, 20060Thousand Barrels
October, 20060Thousand Barrels
September, 20060Thousand Barrels
August, 20060Thousand Barrels
July, 20060Thousand Barrels
June, 20060Thousand Barrels
May, 20060Thousand Barrels
April, 20060Thousand Barrels
March, 20060Thousand Barrels
February, 20060Thousand Barrels
January, 20060Thousand Barrels
December, 20050Thousand Barrels
November, 20050Thousand Barrels
October, 20050Thousand Barrels
September, 20050Thousand Barrels
August, 20050Thousand Barrels
July, 20050Thousand Barrels
June, 20050Thousand Barrels
May, 20050Thousand Barrels
April, 20050Thousand Barrels
March, 20050Thousand Barrels
February, 20050Thousand Barrels
January, 20050Thousand Barrels
December, 20040Thousand Barrels
November, 2004313Thousand Barrels
October, 2004392Thousand Barrels
September, 20040Thousand Barrels
August, 2004394Thousand Barrels
July, 20040Thousand Barrels
June, 20040Thousand Barrels
May, 2004213Thousand Barrels
April, 20040Thousand Barrels
March, 20040Thousand Barrels
February, 20040Thousand Barrels
January, 20040Thousand Barrels
December, 20030Thousand Barrels
November, 20030Thousand Barrels
October, 20030Thousand Barrels
September, 20030Thousand Barrels
August, 20030Thousand Barrels
July, 20030Thousand Barrels
June, 20030Thousand Barrels
May, 20030Thousand Barrels
April, 20030Thousand Barrels
March, 20030Thousand Barrels
February, 2003321Thousand Barrels
January, 2003136Thousand Barrels
December, 20020Thousand Barrels
November, 20020Thousand Barrels
October, 20020Thousand Barrels
September, 20020Thousand Barrels
August, 20020Thousand Barrels
July, 20020Thousand Barrels
June, 20020Thousand Barrels
May, 20020Thousand Barrels
April, 20020Thousand Barrels
March, 20020Thousand Barrels
February, 20020Thousand Barrels
January, 20020Thousand Barrels
December, 20010Thousand Barrels
November, 20010Thousand Barrels
October, 20010Thousand Barrels
September, 20010Thousand Barrels
August, 20010Thousand Barrels
July, 20010Thousand Barrels
June, 2001165Thousand Barrels
May, 20010Thousand Barrels
April, 20010Thousand Barrels
March, 20010Thousand Barrels
February, 20010Thousand Barrels
January, 20016Thousand Barrels
December, 2000303Thousand Barrels
November, 20000Thousand Barrels
October, 20000Thousand Barrels
September, 20000Thousand Barrels
August, 20000Thousand Barrels
July, 20000Thousand Barrels
June, 20000Thousand Barrels
May, 20000Thousand Barrels
April, 20000Thousand Barrels
March, 20000Thousand Barrels
February, 20000Thousand Barrels
January, 20000Thousand Barrels
December, 19990Thousand Barrels
November, 19990Thousand Barrels
October, 19990Thousand Barrels
September, 19990Thousand Barrels
August, 19990Thousand Barrels
July, 19990Thousand Barrels
June, 19990Thousand Barrels
May, 19990Thousand Barrels
April, 19990Thousand Barrels
March, 19990Thousand Barrels
February, 19990Thousand Barrels
January, 19990Thousand Barrels
December, 19980Thousand Barrels
November, 19980Thousand Barrels
October, 19980Thousand Barrels
September, 19980Thousand Barrels
August, 19980Thousand Barrels
July, 19980Thousand Barrels
June, 19980Thousand Barrels
May, 1998538Thousand Barrels
April, 19980Thousand Barrels
March, 19980Thousand Barrels
February, 19980Thousand Barrels
January, 19980Thousand Barrels
December, 19970Thousand Barrels
November, 19970Thousand Barrels
October, 19970Thousand Barrels
September, 19970Thousand Barrels
August, 19970Thousand Barrels
July, 19970Thousand Barrels
June, 19970Thousand Barrels
May, 19970Thousand Barrels
April, 19970Thousand Barrels
March, 19970Thousand Barrels
February, 19970Thousand Barrels
January, 19970Thousand Barrels
December, 19960Thousand Barrels
November, 19960Thousand Barrels
October, 19960Thousand Barrels
September, 19960Thousand Barrels
August, 19960Thousand Barrels
July, 19960Thousand Barrels
June, 19960Thousand Barrels
May, 19960Thousand Barrels
April, 1996499Thousand Barrels
March, 19960Thousand Barrels
February, 19960Thousand Barrels
January, 19960Thousand Barrels
December, 19950Thousand Barrels
November, 19950Thousand Barrels
October, 19950Thousand Barrels
September, 19950Thousand Barrels
August, 19950Thousand Barrels
July, 19950Thousand Barrels
June, 19950Thousand Barrels
May, 19950Thousand Barrels
April, 19950Thousand Barrels
March, 19950Thousand Barrels
February, 1995295Thousand Barrels
January, 19950Thousand Barrels